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4 common causes of leaky taps

The key to repairing a leaky tap is identifying the root of the problem and to make sure the repair is done correctly. There are a number of things that can cause your tap to leak, but here are 4 of the most common causes of leaky taps.

1: Poor Installation

A tap can leak due to poor installation. A DIY job gone wrong can cause more issues than you can imagine. When in doubt, hire a professional.

2: O Ring Problems

The small rubber disc attached to the tap’s stem screw is known as the O-ring. The O-ring can become loose or worn after repeated use, which can cause taps to drip from the handle. Repairing the O-ring can fix your leaky tap entirely.

3: Corroded Valve Seat

The valve seat serves as the connection between the tap and the spout. The valve seat can eventually become corroded to the point where it starts to fall apart due to accumulation of sediment in the water. This can cause leaks the more it weakens so it’s important to repair it or have it replaced.

4: Water Pressure Problems

High water pressure can actually cause taps to leak due to the pressure preventing water from flowing away from a certain point. This can cause water to back up and seek another place to leak out. If you’re noticing high water pressure, it’s time to call a professional plumber.

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