4 DIY Christmas decorations

This Christmas, don’t resort to that box of decorations you’ve had knocking around since 1980; create some unique conversation-starters instead.

These four DIY Christmas decorations are easy and cheap to make – and all you need are some basic plumbing tools that you’ve probably already got dotted around your home.

Plumbing pipe candelabra


Cut a selection of pipes in to your desired lengths and link them together using elbow or T-joints. You can weigh the whole thing down by adding heavy feet or by filling the bottom of the pipes with sand.

Glistening acorns

When you’re clearing out your gutters after the Autumn, keep fallen acorns to one side. Swap any mud with glitter and loop some string around their tops – they’re now ready to sparkle on your Christmas tree!

Steel stars

If you’ve got any steel piping hooks going spare, bend them into beautiful star shapes. You can even attach jingle bells and create festive characters to fill the centre using bendy wire.

Christmas tree scourers

Cut green scouring sponges in to the shape of ferns to create mini Christmas trees. For the trunk, insert a screw in to each base and plant them around the house. Alternatively, you can get the kids to use flat scouring pads, which can then be glued to their homemade greeting card designs.

We’d love to see how resourceful you’ve been with your old plumbing fittings, so take some snaps and send them to us on Facebook or Twitter.

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