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4 last-minute stocking fillers for the DIY enthusiast

Left the Christmas shopping to the last minute? Use our quick buying guide to find the perfect stocking fillers for the DIY enthusiast in your life.

Ratchet screwdriver

Ordinary screwdrivers are all well and good but nothing beats streamlining with a ratchet screwdriver.

DeWalt Ratchet Screwdriver, £29.99

Stanley Multibit Ratchet Screwdriver, £14.99

Knee pads

Seriously, they’re essential when you spend hours down on your knees in front of the kitchen sink!

Nailers G1 Gel Swivel Knee Pads, £24.99

Silverline Gel Knee Pads, £14.99

Pocket tape measure

Any DIY-er should already have a standard tape measure, but it’s nice to have a pocket-sized one for sizing up those odd jobs that catch you off-duty.

Stanley Tape Measure 8m 26ft, £8.99

Rolson 2 Part Mini Tape Measure Set, 99p

Gift card

It’s not a cop out. When DIY shops pretty much become your second home, a gift card is handy to have.

Wickes Gift Card

Argos Gift Card

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