4 reasons to have your boiler serviced

Our boilers are the source of all our hot water and heating in our home. Yet most people don’t think about them until there is an issue. That is why we put together this list of 4 reasons to have your boiler serviced annually.

1: Minor repairs can become major repairs
Major issues with your boilers often develop over time. So having annual boiler service can possibly catch this issues when they are minor and und up saving you money.

2: Save £ on heating costs
When your boiler is serviced, the Gas Safe Registered Engineer that does the service will make sure it is running at its highest efficiency thus making sure you are not wasting any money by heating your home and water.

3: Carbon monoxide is a killer
This is not a scare tactic, having a faulty boiler can cause you to be exposed to carbon monoxide that can kill you. The safety and health of your family is the most important concern when a Gas Safe Registered Engineer comes to your home.

4: It’s the law
If you’re a landlord, you have a legal responsibility to ensure that each of your properties has a current Gas Safety Certificate. Only Gas Safe Register approved engineers are qualified to perform this gas safety check and issue a CP12 Inspection Certificate to prove it.

When having your boiler serviced always check to make sure the company is on the Gas Safe Register and ask the engineer when they arrive to see proof of this. If you are in Fulham and your boiler is due its annual service call 020 7350 2511 or click here to schedule one of our engineers to come out to your home.

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