5 easy ways to cheaper energy bills

These top tips could help you benefit from cheaper energy bills this winter, without having to freeze.

  1. Do the penny test

    Only a quarter1 of the UK’s 22 million homes are adequately draught-proofed.

    If a one pence piece can slot under your doors or windows, you can guarantee that you’re losing heat and letting in cold air through those gaps – so pick up some draught guards from your local DIY shop and attach them to door and window frames.

    Draught excluders and door seals come in a variety of styles, including adhesive rubber strips and screw-on brush guards. You can also choose from a number of different finishes, from wood to metal, so you won’t be sacrificing your interior design.

  2. Get snuggly

    Turning down the thermostat by just one degree could knock a hefty 10%2 off your heating bills every year. So, rather than twisting the dial to the right as a first resort, reach for a cosy jumper instead.

    Oh, and inviting the cat on to the sofa for a cuddle is always a nice way to warm up too!

  3. Close the door behind you

    If you’re hanging out in the living room, keep the surrounding doors closed.

    Radiators, electric panel heaters and convection heaters work by creating a convection current in a room. As hot air rises, it circles around to the other side of the room, cools, sinks and travels back along the floor to the heater where it is reheated again.

    By keeping the door closed, you’ll keep this current within the designated space.

  4. Place reflective panels behind your radiators

    If your walls are not insulated, attach foil-faced panels between your radiators and the walls. The heat emitted is then reflected back in to the room, rather than lost through the walls.

  5. Get some heavier curtains

    Blinds and lace curtains do little to shield winter chills, which is why it is a good idea to invest in some thermal curtains to hang during the colder months. You can even line your existing curtains with some fleece if you don’t fancy traipsing around home department stores for a new pair.

    Do remember to take advantage of that solar power when it is sunny though. During the day, open your curtains to let in the warmth, and close them once dusk falls to retain it.

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