5 of the world’s most expensive loos

We all use them, but have you ever wondered what are the most expensive loos in the world? Here are 5 of the world’s most expensive loos.

Coming in at number 5 is TOTO Neorest 600 is a washlet toilet manufactured by the Japanese company TOTO. It is considered one of the most advanced toilets and is currently sold for more than £3,500. The Neorest 600 offers several features, including bidet with three adjustable cleaning modes, electric seat heating with adjustable temperature, automatically opening and closing of the lids, automatic flush, built in air purifier and deodorizer, tankless water-saving feature and energy-saving features.


At number 4 we have an INAX high-tech toilet that is ready for you. Literally. Its lid rises and its seat heats as you walk toward the toilet. As the lid opens, music plays from a sound card, and the deodorizer is turned on. After all this, there couldn’t possibly be more. Well, there is. When you’re done with your business and you walk away, the toilet flushes on its own. The INAX’s human-ready loos price can be as high as £6,100.


Number 3 Julien Bench Toilet designed by Troy Adams, in 2007. It will change the way you look at toilets. Actually, it’ll change the way you don’t look at toilets. Those of you who’d prefer to keep your toilet tucked away, this is the toilet for you. The Bench Toilet’s sliding panel allows for the toilet to be concealed when not in use, and when the bench isn’t acting as a toilet, it’s acting as a powder room bench. This toilet serves as the perfect way to conceal your throne. This dual-serving toilet can be purchased for £8,151.


Number 2 (no pun intended) is Isis (Swarovski) Toilet. What screams luxury more than Swarovski crystals? Jemal Wright designed this crystal-studded toilet known as the Isis for those who demand a lifestyle of luxury in the most extreme degree — even in the bathroom. It comes in various sizes, shapes and colored stones. Want one of these, you’ll need to pull out the big bucks; the Isis costs a whopping $75,000.


Now for number 1, we could have mentioned the gold Hang Fung toilet, but we choose to highlight the loo Tim Peake is currently using. Coming in at staggering £13,505,684.88 is the loo on the International space station. It was built by Russia in 2008 and was made specifically for the International Space Station. The toilet features straps so that you won’t float away. It also has fans to suck away the waste into a septic tank. The waste is then filtered and meticulously converted and purified into drinking water.


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