5 plumbing factors to consider before you sell your home

Before you sell your home, there are bucket loads of factors to consider if you hope to receive your asking price and if you want the exchange to be plain sailing.

We’ll leave it up to your estate agent to recommend the right camera angle to use for your property listing on Zoopla but here is our checklist for homeowners looking to sell – from a plumber’s perspective.

Choose your season wisely

Spring is usually the best time to put a property on the market because, not only are buyers more inclined to go house hunting when the weather picks up, but your garden will be in bloom and sunlight will immerse your home in natural rays and warmth too.

In the colder months, viewers may question your home’s heating capabilities if it’s chilly as they walk around, which could lead to fewer or lower offers if buyers believe they’ll be paying for a central heating repairs once they’ve moved in.

On paper, summer may seem like a good time to sell but the market is actually slower during the high season because people are on holiday and families are busy entertaining children who’ve broken up from school.

Keep your bathroom décor clean and bright

Vendors will often book in a complete bathroom refurbishment before putting their home on the market, complete with colourful tiles and decadent fittings, and then we get a call once the sale has gone through to scrap the whole thing and start from scratch!

It’s true that the bathroom can be a deal clincher for prospective buyers but it’s always best to keep the bathroom furniture simple and use neutral colours on the floor and walls – that way, viewers will be able to picture putting their own stamp on a property.

Ensure your boiler is safe to use

By law, all rented properties must hold a valid CP12 certificate to confirm that the boiler and other gas appliances are safe to use. So, if you have a buyer interested in letting out your property once they have bought it, being able to provide them with an up-to-date CP12 is likely to be received well.

Live-in homeowners value a regularly serviced boiler, as without periodic inspections, some boiler warranties can be deemed invalid.

Fix any heating issues or leaks

Most viewers will ask to turn the heating on and off to check that it functions adequately. If it doesn’t fire up in those ten minutes that it takes them to walk around the property, they may suspect a central heating overhaul is needed, and the thought of having to fix issues before even moving in is enough to put anyone off making an offer.

If you experience cold patches in your home, a simple radiator bleed or boiler adjustment may be all that’s needed, both of which are easy to do yourself once you’ve been shown how to do it by your plumber.

Leaks, on the other hand, should not be taken on as a DIY job as you could end up with a flood on your hands, or worse, a fatal gas leak. Whilst leaks may not be wholly obvious, rusting or mouldy pipes are tell-tale signs of a problem, so instruct a professional plumbing company to diagnose the issue.

If a new central heating system is required, it’s best to get this sorted before putting your home on the property market because it will flag up in the survey and potentially decrease the value of your home.

Clear blocked drains

You may have become desensitised to the smell of blocked plugholes and exterior drains but a spray of Febreeze is not going to cut it during the viewings.

Some superficial blockages, such as fallen leaves in the gutter or strands of hair in the shower, are easy to clear yourself. However, severer pipe blocks may require specialist drain jetting, for which you’ll need a professional.

Once these simple measures are taken, you’ll notice your home start to look better, smell fresher, feel cosier and become overall more appealing to prospective buyers.

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