5 Stocking fillers for the DIYer

When something small goes wrong in your home, sometimes just having the right tool can make the difference between a quick fix and nightmare. Here are 5 stocking fillers for the DIYer on your shopping list.

1. DeWalt Ratchet Screwdriver

DeWalt Ratchet Screwdriver

For a lot of jobs you only need two screwdrivers, a flat head and a Philips. But sometimes having the right size screwdriver can save time and save the screw from being stripped.

2. Forge Steel Adjustable Wrench Set 3 Pieces

Forge Steel Adjustable Wrench Set 3 Pieces

A must have for any DIYer is a good set of adjustable wrenches. Perfect for quick fixes to sinks and loos.

3. Stanley Tape Measure 5m

Stanley Tape Measure 5m

You never really know how important having a tape measure in the house until you need one. When hanging fixtures to the wall, buying a new rug or even purchasing a new appliance for your kitchen, knowing if there is enough room before you buy is crucial in saving time and money.

4. Stanley Fibreglass-Handled Hammer

Stanley Fibreglass-Handled Hammer

If you don’t have a hammer in the house, you may want to give this as an early Christmas gift.

5. Gift card

ScrewFix Gift card

You never know what you may need. So if your DIYer has the essentials, a gift card is a great option. I know gift cards seem impersonal, but it may be the perfect gift.

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