5 tips for staying warm

Staying warm when out and about can be difficult. But here are 5 tips for staying warm this blistering cold winter.

1. Stay dry
“Don’t get cold in the first place.” That is the obvious answer, but cold weather can sneak up on you, especially if you are running through the rain to catch a bus or sweating in that big warm coat. Layering is key. Base layers of form fitting undershirts help to pull moisture away from the skin and can be worn under normal work clothes with minimal discomfort. Try not to let cotton touch your skin as it can absorb sweat.

2. Protect your core
Layering clothing is an easy way to make sure your whole body stays warm. With the average human core temperature 37ºC, hypothermia occurs when the body drops below 35ºC keeping your torso insulated is best thing you can do to keep the rest of your body warm. And putting on a little winter weight can help keep you insulated and your core temperature stabilized.

3. The “winter hat” might be a myth
The assumptions that 70% of a person’s body heat escapes through their head is false. Body-heat loss relates to how much skin is exposed, not which part of the body you’re exposing. But the key to staying warm is keeping as much skin covered as possible, so if the weather is getting colder, wearing a hat can help along with a nice coat and a scarf.

4. Mittens keep your hands warmer than gloves
Protecting your core should be your number one priority. But keeping your fingers together rather than isolated makes a big difference. With technology today, mittens will make it almost impossible to text or respond to emails, but the more of your skin that is covered, the warmer you will be. So holding off on responding can keep you warm.

5. Drink water
No matter what you are doing in life hydration is always a big factor. But did you know that water is amazing at retaining body heat? Simply put, the more you have in your system, the easier it is to stay warm. So stay hydrated, especially before dashing out into the frozen slush every morning.

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