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6 alternative uses for pipe reducers

Pipe reducers do exactly that: they reduce the diameter of a pipe. Available in many different sizes and materials, pipe reduction apparatus works by connecting a larger pipe to a smaller one, enabling increased versatility for plumbing appliances.

But did you know that you could use these fittings for other tasks too? Here are the seven alternative uses for pipe reducers:

  1. Plumbing expansionPipe reducers are also pipe expanders. For instance, you can install a pipe reducer from your sink or toilet to the main sewage line out of the house.
  2. Rain divertersIf you’re building a rain diverter to provide water for your garden, attach pipe reduction apparatus to the pipe coming off the downspout to enable entry into the barrel, which will require a much smaller access point.
  3. ChimneysA cast iron pipe reducer will connect the hearth to the inside of the chimney – it must be cast iron to withstand the heat.
  4. CarsSome cars, such as Minis, use an exhaust sleeve reducer pipe to increase the pressure that’s forced through the system.
  5. Below ground drainageWhen moving water from one area to another via an underground drainage system, thinner pipes provide a better water flow, hence pipe reducers can prove to be useful. PVC pipes hold up best below ground.
  6. Home brewingPipe reducers may be used in the tubing from the boiler to the sparging arm.

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