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6 crazy plumbing facts

Taking care of plumbing and heating is very serious work, but that doesn’t mean there are not fun and interesting facts about the industry. We have compiled a list of 6 crazy plumbing facts to entertain and enlighten.

1: It should come as no surprise that after appearing in over 200 video games Mario and Luigi are the world’s most famous plumbers. Now we are not sure if they are gas safe, but at a pinch they may be able to unblock a sink or loo.

2: When it comes to famous plumbers, an honorary member of the Plumbers and Steamfitters union is known around the world. But his expertise is not for replacing taps but as a theoretical physicist. Albert Einstein was given the symbolic membership after saying if he could live his life over he would be a plumber.

3: Anyone who has ever had a child knows that when it comes to the loo, they will try and flush anything down there. Which makes sense that the most popular items flushed are children toys. But with people now going everywhere with their phones, falling out of pockets and by accidently dropping in, your mobile is quickly becoming the new top flushed item. It may be smart to get a protection plan the next time you upgrade.

4: During the Vietnam War, intelligence leaks were common. President Richard Nixon created a White House Special Investigations Unit to plug these leaks. The group, which was covert in nature, were nicknamed the “plumbers.”

5: You may not be wasting away your whole life in the bathroom, but, according to studies, at least 3 years of your life is spent in this room.

6: If you were to test the water in sewer systems, you would most likely discover a large amount of drugs in the system. This is because 90% of all medicines including pain relievers are excreted through urine.

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