9 facts they didn’t tell you about plumbing apprenticeships

At any one time, over 800,0001 people are earning and learning on an apprenticeship scheme in the UK, and by 2020, the Government wants this number to reach three million.

You may already know everything you need to know about plumbing apprenticeships, but this is a list of the little-known facts and surprising perks of becoming an apprentice.

    1. In 1914, apprentices started working at the age of 15-17. Today, most apprentices start between the ages of 19 and 242.
    1. Apprenticeships are now considered to be as valuable as degrees; the difference is that apprentices get the added benefits of a salary, on-the-job training, paid holidays, and great job prospects.
    1. Apprentices get a 30% discount on TfL Travelcards – find out if you’re eligible and apply here.
    1. Think practical subjects are a man’s domain? You’re mistaken! Women now take up 55% of apprenticeships.
    1. The National Minimum Wage for apprentices is £2.73 per hour but many employers in the plumbing industry prefer to pay more, with the average salary reaching £170 per week3.
    1. Being an apprentice isn’t a lonely or daunting experience – at WPJ Heating, we have five apprentices, all of whom are valued members of our team!
    1. Despite today’s fast-moving economy, there’s a certain level of job security for apprentices; since 2010, 86% of those who did an apprenticeship stayed in work afterwards, with 67% remaining with the same employer1.
    1. The starting salary for a newly qualified plumber is around £18,000+ and an experienced plumber will earn £35,000+ per year4.
  1. 80%3 of apprentice employers say that apprentices make their workplaces more productive. In other words, apprentices should remember that employers value their time and see them as an essential component of the team.

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