9 tips to keep you safe over the holidays

We don’t want to take the fun out of Christmas and New Year, but there are some basic precautions you should cover amongst the celebrations.

These are our nine top safety tips for the festive period.

  1. Don’t leave empty present boxes near your bin – you may have received a gift that a potential burglar is after
  2. Don’t leave your presents or valuables visible in the car as they can tempt a potential offender to break in
  3. Check in on your older relatives over the holiday season
  4. If you are going away, don’t leave signs that your home is unoccupied – install timers for your lights and ask your neighbours to keep an eye out
  5. Beware of bogus callers – always ask to see a visitor’s ID before allowing them in to your home
  6. Drink responsibly over the festive period and arrange your transport home before the night begins
  7. Switch off your Christmas decorations before leaving the house or going to bed as tree lights and candles are a fire hazard
  8. Shred any receipts before disposing of them to avoid identity fraud
  9. Ensure that your doors are locked, even if your have friends and family coming in and out of your home

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