9 of the weirdest things flushed down toilets

When you’re a plumber, you expect to encounter some pretty strange sights, and London, you’ve not disappointed us.

These are ten of the weirdest things we’ve found flushed down your toilets.

  1. Engagement rings and family heirlooms
    All too often, people will remove their jewellery before taking a bath, prop it on top of the toilet tank…and forget about it. Then, the next time someone uses the loo and reaches to flush, those precious jewels get knocked in to the waste system.
  2. iPhones and Samsungs
    We hate to say it, but if you keep your phone in the back pocket of your jeans, you’re an accident waiting to happen. Losing a mobile to the toilet is perhaps the most common admittance we hear – not to mention expensive and inconvenient when you have to replace that phone due to water damage.
  3. Cash
    Again, money stored in trouser pockets has a way of wiggling itself out. And it’s the notes that hurt most, as you won’t even hear them escaping.
  4. False teeth
    Ok, we’re not really sure how this one occurs; perhaps people are talking as they turn to flush, or perhaps they’re keeping their false teeth on the shelf above the lavatory, but once those teeth have fell in to the bowl, you won’t want to put them back in your mouth!
  5. Pet fish
    If little Goldie the goldfish passes away, lay her to rest in the flowerbed. Not only is the sewer system an entirely undignified final resting place for your scaly friend, but a fish with rigor mortis laying in your pipework is likely to cause some blockages too.
  6. Syringes
    A wandering syringe is usually the result of an honest mistake made by those giving themselves insulin shots. Nevertheless, syringes are dangerous and should be removed ASAP with protective retrieval equipment.
  7. Three course meals
    Please, just put your leftovers in the bin. The lavatory system simply isn’t designed to break down garlic bread, chicken bones and cheesecake, so you’ll only end up with a nasty block, and an even nastier backlog of smells as that food decays.
  8. Kitty litter
    Cats have their own toilets, so keep their business out of yours! Clumping, non-clumping, silica gel, and even biodegradable, litter will block your pipework and drains, thus it’s better to dispose of your cat’s urine and faeces via the trash rather than the lavatory.
  9. Buzz Lightyear and Barbie
    The kids thought it’d be a great idea to let Buzz and Barbie go for a swim but your toilet bowl monumentally disagreed. Toddler proof those bathroom door handles to prevent the contents of your child’s toy box being flushed down the loo.

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