A Tree for Every Boiler Installed: The WPJ Difference

A Tree for Every Boiler Installed

Among the qualities that set WPJ apart from the competition, the company’s solid sense of social responsibility is probably the best. It partners with Trees for Cities. This means that we plant a tree for every boiler we install, doing our part to save the planet.


Looking after your home and after the planet.


WPJ is one of the leading plumbing and heating Service Company in London. It offers various types of services, including boiler installation, replacement, repair, maintenance, and more, delivering uncompromising quality with our professional and highly-experienced engineers.


WPJ understands that while newer boilers are typically 70% more efficient than models produced 50 years ago, these heating appliances are still significant contributors to the carbon footprint of an average household. This is why we decided to take steps toward sustainability. Aside from installing energy-efficient gas boilers, we have also teamed up with Trees for Cities, a UK charity that aims to created greener cities in the country and across the world.


Adding value to service for the next generation 


Ever since the company started, WPJ already set its mind and heart to deliver the highest quality of services to its clients. Through its partnership with Trees for Cities, it is adding more value to its facilities while making its customers’ lives a little bit better. Not only does this social responsibility project provide positive impacts on the environment today—but it also builds a greener future. Trees are investments, after all. They are the best things that one can gift to future generations.


Be part of the sustainability efforts. 


By planting one tree for every boiler installed, WPJ is also able to inspire its customers to do right by the environment. The process is pretty simple: You buy a pot and have them install it, and we plant a tree. Thus, by simply hiring them to install a new boiler in your home, you can participate in building a sustainable environment. If you want to offset your carbon footprint, you can’t go wrong with WPJ.