Day 12: Plumber on demand!

video chat with live plumber

You have opened window number 12!

We have something great to share with you. A couple of months ago we launched a service called Live Plumber. It’s turned out to be a very useful tool for our customers and for us. The Live Plumber concept is simple. It makes it possible for you, our customer, to call us via video chat and show us exactly what the issue is. This means that you get a professional opinion instantly, and free!

Often a plumbing or heating issue can be solved without having a plumber or heating engineer visiting your property. We can give you a diagnosis over the video call, help you fix the issue yourself or send out the right person to fix it for you with the right parts and tools necessary for the job. This means that you get instant help, don’t need to book an appointment just to get a professional opinion and you avoid unnecessary charges.

We’re instantly available Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm. So go ahead and bookmark it and next time there’s an issue, don’t hesitate to call Live Plumber.

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