Annual boiler servicing

As the weather turns colder, people all over the country will be turning on their heating to take away the chill. But have you had an annual service on your boiler?

Your boiler is the elephant in the room. It is always working, but we don’t want to think about it. Like running water, electricity or wi-fi, we only think about it when it isn’t working. But unlike wi-fi, if your boiler is faulty, it can be lethal.

According to gov.uk each year Carbon Monoxide Poisoning causes:
• 4,000 people go to A&E
• 200 people are hospitalised
• And there are around 50 deaths in England and Wales.
These numbers may not seem staggering, but are you willing to risk the health and safety of your family?

Over the last few months, gas engineers providing boiler servicing have been brought under the microscope thanks in part to a recent article on Which.co.uk. In reality, this is a good thing. All gas engineers should be held to a higher standard for the health and safety of their clients.

A good engineer should explain what they are doing and why they are doing it. We all want to know what we are paying for and a reassurance that the gas engineer is doing a correct job is key. Here at WPJ Heating we put together a simple infographic to give everyone an idea of what to expect when a gas engineer comes to your home to service your boiler.


We spoke with WPJ Heating Director Will Hawksley about the annual boiler service. “Boiler servicing is very important. It should be a regular occurrence in every household. Gas appliances are subject to the all the normal wear and tear that everything else in life is. The thing with gas appliances is that if they go wrong and they’re not treated, they can become lethal. So you must have them checked.“

With hundreds of Gas Safe Registered engineers across the country, finding the right company to do the job isn’t difficult. And paying around £90 for the health and safety of you and yours, is a not a lot of money. To find a Gas Safe Registered engineer in your area, check out www.gassaferegister.co.uk and if you are in any of the SW postcodes, give us a call at 020 7350 2511 to schedule an appointment.

Whether you use our services or not, be certain to ensure the gas engineer that comes to your home to service your boiler does a thorough job and you feel satisfied with the service provided.

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