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WPJ Heating Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship at WPJ Heating

Apprenticeship at WPJ Heating certainly pays off. We are very excited that Worcester Bosch has crowned our apprentice, Callum Megarry, ‘Apprentice of the year 2018.’ We are extremely proud of Callum, who couldn’t be more deserving.

PJ Luard, the director of WPJ Heating said, “we selected Callum as the candidate to compete in this year’s competition because  he demonstrated all the qualities of an exemplary candidate. He showed confidence, creativity and determination. All of which made him successful during the first stages of his apprenticeship at WPJ Heating.”

We are Worcester Challenges:

The first apprenticeship challenge required Callum to demonstrate his skills by making something creative out of copper:

Later, he needed to show the work he was most proud of. He selected this boiler installation in South West London, where he assisted the engineers with prep work.

Callum would say his favourite challenge was “beating” (depends on who you ask) his supervisor Guy in a boiler stripdown race, which was the final challenge:

Working at WPJ Heating:

WPJ Heating’s Field Team Manager, Guy Langstaffe said of Callum, “It has been a pleasure working with him. Training him as part of our apprenticeship programme and seeing that our process produces great engineers who have a high standard of workmanship”

Well done Callum! The whole team is proud of you!

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