Black Friday is a busy day for a plumber

It’s seriously cutthroat out there in the retail world today. Shoppers are scrapping over coffee machines in Tesco aisles up and down the country in order to grab the ultimate money-saving Black Friday deal – and even those who have taken the less confrontational route of shopping online are facing 25 minute queues just to get a glimpse of the Currys homepage.

There’s one thing about Black Friday that nobody is talking about though…

Black Friday is utterly hectic for plumbers too.

The busiest shopping day of the year (originally an American tradition that broke through on to UK shores in 2010) directly follows Thanksgiving Day – a day when entire families get together and create a feast to dine on, much like Christmas Day.

The problem is how people are disposing of the leftovers.

In the days following Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, plumbers’ diaries are filled with appointments for sinks and waste disposal units that need seeing too.

We’ve outlined the tips that we tell our clients who are hosting festivities for their families and friends during the holiday season:

• Use a bin or the compost heap when throwing away uneaten foods – we’ve encountered too many sinks and disposal units blocked by potato peel to mention!

• Fat and grease can clog your drains and damage your fittings – wait until they’ve cooled down, pour them in to a container and throw the whole lot in the bin instead.

• Run the water before and after using your waste disposal unit as it will help flush out the system.

• Disposing of leftovers down the toilet is no better either – make sure there is a bin in the bathroom so your guests can safely get rid of nappies, paper towels and sanitary products without blocking the facilities.

• If you do notice that water is draining slowly from your sink or bath, have a plumber see to the issue sooner rather than later. The last thing you want is for it to hit breaking point when you’ve got a house full of people!

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