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This summer: here are a few things to consider before turning your boiler off

Whether your turn your boiler off in the summer or not depends entirely on what you normally use your boiler for throughout the colder months. It may be a good way to save on your bills, but is it worth it practically?

DIY Costs: How not to break the bank

It’s supposed to save you money. Choosing to complete that project yourself, apart from earning you a good pat on the back should always save you money. The idea of DIY is that you save money ...

Frozen condense pipe – what to do if your boiler stops working

When the temperature outside falls below zero, your boiler and heating system can get affected. In fact, when you need your boiler and heating the most the condense pipe of the boiler can get fr...

Trees for Cities + WPJ Heating

  1 BOILER = 1 TREE Trees for Cities will plant a tree for every boiler you install with us.       Ever since we started this company 15 years ago, our driving motto has been to take care of...

Your guide to an eco-friendly bathroom

An eco friendly bathroom is one step you can take towards making your lifestyle more environmentally friendly. Living in an eco friendly home might seem daunting, but it’s much simpler than y...

Prevent bathroom condensation in 10 steps

Bathroom condensation: damp walls in the bathroom are perfect breeding grounds for bacterial mould. Mould (also called mildew) is an unsightly fungus that develops on top of walls, as well as bu...
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