Boiler Installation Place: Where should you put your boiler?

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Boiler installation place to choose from.

Question: Where should i put my boiler?

Answer: Anywhere you want to, as long as you check with a gas safe engineer that it is safe and cost effective.

Bonus: There’s a glossary of key terms at the bottom of this article.

Where should I install my boiler?

You can install your boiler anywhere in your house if your kitchen has got limited space. But consider what is practical, safe and cost effective before you decide to install it in the shed. Of course, you should get advice from your Gas Safe registered heating engineer. Until then, use these tips:

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Boiler installation place: put your boiler under the stairs

You can put your boiler under the stairs to keep the boiler and any ugly pipes out of sight. This is only an option if your walls aren’t adjoining a neighbour’s. We advise that you install your boiler on an outside wall or else it will cost you more than planned to run a longer flue.

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Boiler installation place: Put your boiler in the bathroom?

Bathrooms are becoming a popular choice for boiler installations. If you install your boiler in the bathroom, make sure it’s not out of place in your bathroom design. Also, house it in a cupboard to shield it from damp and humidity. As a bonus, keep your towels in there too because they’ll be warm and toasty when you use them.

Make sure the housing cupboard is far from any water, so that water doesn’t come in contact with the electrics. Again, check with your heating engineer. The boiler you choose will affect its location in your home.

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Boiler installation place: Garage/Outbuilding/Loft

Boiler installations in an outbuilding or garage are also an increasing trend. But before you do this, remember that your new boiler might cut out in freezing weather. Also, consider accessibility. When the time comes to service your boiler, will it be accessible in that obscure corner of your loft? If your boiler must go outside, buy extra frost protection for your condensate piping.

Liquid Petroleum Gas boiler installation

If your boiler runs on liquid petroleum gas (LPG), don’t install it in the basement. LPG doesn’t rise and will not disperse in the event of a gas leak, which is a safety hazard. Your installer should survey your home and tell you what areas are safest and most efficient. While saving the space you set out to by installing your boiler in different parts of the house.

Hope this helps! Leave your feedback and comments below. Also, if you’re thinking of changing your boiler, or you think it needs to get fixed, call us and we’ll be able to help. 


Flue – A flue is essentially a pip, or opening (usually attached to a boiler) to remove exhaust gases and allow them to escape outdoors.

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