The Following Steps Are Included In Every Boiler Service That We Carry Out:

  • Tightness test to ensure there are no gas leaks
  • Visual checks for any signs of spillage, leaks or corrosion from the appliance.
  • Inspection of the flue and its termination. Ensure that if the flue is concealed, adequate inspection panels are installed to visibly inspect each flue joint as per regulations and the latest editions of HSE Technical bulletin TB008.*
  • Manual checks to ensure correct operation of all safety devices
  • Pressure checked in the system (where applicable) and topped up if needed
  • Radiators are checked for correct operation (vented/ bled as necessary) and a vent key left on the premises
  • Flue gas analyser test of the appliance to check for safe combustion
  • The condensate trap is cleaned out
  • The system filter is cleaned out if applicable
  • We ensure that the boiler operating pressures are within the limits set by the boiler manufacturer*If the flue gas analyser result is ok, that is all that is required. If it fails the flue gas analyser test, further work will be required which may involve additional costs as the boiler may need a complete strip down and extensive clean with possible new seals
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