Boiler Service Putney – Annual Servicing Crucial for Several Reasons:

The most important thing when dealing with a boiler is the safety of the boiler. You can only make sure that your boiler is functioning safely by performing professional and annual servicing.

Annual servicing is a requirement in order to keep your boiler’s warranty. If boiler replacement or repair becomes necessary, you can make a claim to the manufacturer if you’ve been servicing your boiler accordingly.

Economic performance
It’s essential to service your boiler regularly in order to guarantee the best economic performance of your boiler. Proper maintenance will keep your gas bill low and prolong the life of your boiler.

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What Our Boiler Service Includes

Our meticulous boiler service will maintain your boiler and keep the gas usage at a minimum. We carefully check every function of the boiler, so you can be confident that your boiler is kept in optimal condition.

The following steps are completed during a boiler service:

  • Cleaning all filters
  • Localise and remove sludge and debris
  • Full flue analysis
  • Circulating pump checked to ensure that it is running freely
  • System pressure is topped up and the expansion vessel is set to the correct pressure
  • The burner chamber is inspected and cleaned
  • The flue and terminal are checked for obstructions

As an additional service we can bleed radiators so that all parts of the heating system are in good working condition.

Boiler Service Putney – Book your boiler service now. If you have any questions you can reach us via phone or chat during office hours. We hope to see you soon!

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