The pros and cons of buying a washer dryer

People are often hesitant about buying a combined washer dryer. Will it break down sooner than separate machines would? Will it wash and dry well, or will it do a half-baked job of both?

We outline the pros and cons of buying a washer dryer.

The pros of a washer dryer

• Takes up half the space, making it ideal for small flats
• Often cheaper than buying separates

The cons of a washer dryer

• A different drum size is needed for drying, so you’ll need to halve your load before putting it on to dry
• It may be less energy efficient
• Potentially, it could completely break down, leaving you without a washer or a dryer

Is life expectancy an issue?

There’s a common assumption that washer dryers are more likely to break down than their separate counterparts. However, little evidence exists to support this.

Neither combined machines or separates can be expected to last forever, and if a washer dryer does break down, the two functions will not necessarily fail at the same time.

Remember, if you do encounter major plumbing or electrical problems with your machine, seek guidance from a professional engineer as attempting to fix the problem yourself can be dangerous.

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