WPJ’s Terms and Conditions of Business apply to all Care Plans except as provided below.

These Terms of Business, together with the Rates page, form the basis of the contract entered into between you and WPJ Services Limited when taking out a Care Plan with us – we recommend that you read them carefully as they affect your legal rights and liabilities. If you have any concerns or queries about these Terms they should be raised at the earliest opportunity and in any event prior to work commencing.

  1. Cover is offered to Customers who have previously had their boiler installed or serviced by WPJ Heating at a Property.
  2. WPJ Heating will provide cover at the differing levels depending on and reflective of the Customer’s requirements.
  3. Cover will be provided seven days per week including bank holidays. However, routine repair work including boiler servicing will only be carried out between 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday.
  4. WPJ Heating will endeavour to respond promptly and, if possible, within 24 hours to the Customer’s request.
  5. WPJ Heating shall be entitled to charge for any work not covered by the cover plan at the prevailing hourly rate as set out on our Rates page at the date that any such work is carried out.
  6. A Customer’s request for an engineer to attend must relate to the cover. If we receive a request to attend the Property and the problem is not related to the cover in place then a minimum charge equivalent to the prevailing hourly rate, as set out on our Rates page, will be made by WPJ Heating.
  7. The cover does not include repairs on pre-existing faults or faults which occur during the first 28 days of the cover unless WPJ Heating is deemed to be responsible.
  8. Customers pay for their Service Contract cover in advance by monthly direct debit into the bank account nominated by WPJ Heating. For example, payment on 1 January provides cover for the period 1 to 31 January.
  9. Additional services (including excluded works see below “what is excluded from the cover”) and the cost of replacement parts not covered by the Service Contract will be subject to additional charges in accordance with the Rates page on our website.
  10. In order to facilitate the provision of cover, the Customer shall:
    • Keep and operate the equipment in a proper and prudent manner.
    • Use all equipment, appliances and fittings in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and the guidance given by WPJ Heating.
    • Not move, make any addition, modification or adjustment to equipment without WPJ Heating’s prior written consent.
    • Have an initial, and then an, annual service and safety check completed by a WPJ Heating Gas Safe registered engineer (as per paragraphs 15 and 16 below),
    • Maintain and make available to WPJ Heating all records of the operation, and any previous faults, of the equipment,
    • Report all faults to WPJ Heating immediately and
    • Not seek third party interference with the equipment without the express written consent of WPJ Heating.
    • Failure by the Customer to adhere to any of the above could invalidate the cover.
  1. WPJ Heating shall have no liability for any damage caused to the Customer’s property unless occasioned by WPJ Heating’s negligence.
  2. WPJ Heating reserves the right to terminate the agreement at any time and no refunds will be payable.
  3. If the Customer does not pay each direct debit on the due date then cover will be suspended automatically from the due date until payment is made in full. If the Customer fails to pay more than 3 consecutive payments, then cover automatically terminates. Should a Customer in this position subsequently wish to take out cover again, the Customer will enter into a new contract of minimum duration 12 months in accordance with paragraph 14 below.
  4. Period of Contract: The initial term of the agreement is 12 months. In the event of cancellation by the Customer within the initial term, WPJ Heating will retain the remainder of the current month’s cover charge paid in advance together with the next month’s charge by way of early cancellation fee. For example, if you pay on 1 January but cancel on 2 January, then WPJ will retain the fee for January plus the fee for February. Cover will stop on the last day of January and the direct debit commitment will end on the last day of February. If the annual boiler service has been carried out and the Customer then wishes to cancel the contract before the period of 12 months has elapsed, WPJ reserve the right to charge for the boiler service in full as per our rates page.
  5. Annual visit: A service engineer will inspect the boiler and system once a year whilst servicing, carrying out routine maintenance and safety checks. Any further remedial works required or defects apparent will be highlighted at this point.
  6. Acceptance on to Contract: Acceptance of a system or appliances on to a contract does not imply that it is installed satisfactorily, to current standards, codes of practice or that spare parts are readily available. WPJ reserve the right to cancel the policy if we find any such faults or if any item under cover is altered by a third party. Please note WPJ will carry out a boiler service and system survey prior to any acceptance on to a cover plan in order to establish the condition, age, size and suitability of the Customer’s appliance, the cost of which is a separate item charged according to the Rates page.
  7. After the initial term, the contract will continue on a monthly rolling basis until validly terminated by either party upon a month’s written notice. In the event of notice of termination, WPJ will retain the remainder of the current month’s cover charge paid in advance together with the next month’s charge by way of early cancellation fee. For example, if you pay on 1 January but cancel on 2 January, then WPJ will retain the fee for January plus the fee for February. Cover will stop on the last day of January and the direct debit commitment will end on the last day of February.
  8. WPJ will periodically review the pricing and wording of the Care Plans and reserve the right to alter the price and level of cover in response to changing costs and circumstances. WPJ shall give a minimum of 1 month’s notice before any such changes are implemented.



  1. Any damage to Customer property, occasioned by or necessitated by us carrying out works for you, including cosmetic, accidental, negligent, wilful, malicious or third party damage including replacement of decorative parts, plastering, painting etc except as provided for in term 11.
  2. Pipework, wiring or flues buried in the fabric of the building including all underfloor heating and its controls.
  3. Any defect or damage caused by fire, lightening, explosion, flood, storm, tempest, frost, snow, impact or other extraneous cause.
  4. Curved, towel and designer radiators to include cast iron and column radiators and their associated valves.
  5. Inherent defects or inadequacy arising from the original design of the system or appliances and consequential damage or loss arising from such defects.
  6. Any defect attributed to failure of the incoming gas, water or electricity supplies.
  7. Any work arising from hard water scale deposit, system contamination, radiator sludge or aggressive water to include chemical treatments of the system.
  8. Work involving asbestos.
  9. User error on behalf of the customer or resident including time and temperature adjustments, battery replacement and boiler re-pressurising.
  10. Replacement or repair of unvented hot water cylinders, thermal stores, immersion heaters or fan convectors.
  11. Complete boiler replacement where the manufacturer’s warranty has expired or has been invalidated.
  12. Replacement of internal gas supply pipework.
  13. System upgrades or improvements to the heating and hot water services.
  14. Accumulators, DHW circulating pumps, break tanks and pump booster sets, intelligent heating controls are all excluded by this cover.
  15. Flues that are concealed, boxed in, or inaccessible from a standard ladder.


For the avoidance of doubt, this is a maintenance agreement for services supplied at our absolute sole discretion. This is not a guarantee or an insurance policy.

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