Boiler installation place to choose from.

Question: Where should i put my boiler?

Answer: Anywhere you want to, as long as you check with a gas safe engineer that it is safe and cost effective.

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Where should I install my boiler?

You can install your boiler anywhere in your house if your kitchen has got limited space. But consider what is practical, safe and cost effective before you decide to install it in the shed. Of course, you should get advice from your Gas Safe registered heating engineer. Until then, use these tips:

boiler installation place

Boiler installation place: put your boiler under the stairs

You can put your boiler under the stairs to keep the boiler and any ugly pipes out of sight. This is only an option if your walls aren’t adjoining a neighbour’s. We advise that you install your boiler on an outside wall or else it will cost you more than planned to run a longer flue.

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Boiler installation place: Put your boiler in the bathroom?

Bathrooms are becoming a popular choice for boiler installations. If you install your boiler in the bathroom, make sure it’s not out of place in your bathroom design. Also, house it in a cupboard to shield it from damp and humidity. As a bonus, keep your towels in there too because they’ll be warm and toasty when you use them.

Make sure the housing cupboard is far from any water, so that water doesn’t come in contact with the electrics. Read more about regulations for boiler installations here. Again, check with your heating engineer. The boiler you choose will affect its location in your home.

boiler installation place 3

Boiler installation place: Garage/Outbuilding/Loft

Boiler installations in an outbuilding or garage are also an increasing trend. But before you do this, remember that your new boiler might cut out in freezing weather. Also, consider accessibility. When the time comes to service your boiler, will it be accessible in that obscure corner of your loft? If your boiler must go outside, buy extra frost protection for your condensate piping.

Liquid Petroleum Gas boiler installation

If your boiler runs on liquid petroleum gas (LPG), don’t install it in the basement. LPG doesn’t rise and will not disperse in the event of a gas leak, which is a safety hazard. Your installer should survey your home and tell you what areas are safest and most efficient. While saving the space you set out to by installing your boiler in different parts of the house.

Hope this helps! Leave your feedback and comments below. Also, if you’re thinking of changing your boiler, or you think it needs to get fixed, call us and we’ll be able to help. 


Flue – A flue is essentially a pip, or opening (usually attached to a boiler) to remove exhaust gases and allow them to escape outdoors.

Have suggestions? think we should add certain terms to our glossary? Or just have a general query – contact us via live chat, or send us an email:

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Bathroom Renovations come with a number of steps to make sure you’re proud of the end results. The planning stage is very important – think about how the bathroom is used and by whom. Is it a room that will be used by visiting guests and family?  If that’s the case, it should be functional and well designed. If your remodel involves your own ensuite however, you’ll want to personalise it, maybe choosing to add romantic touches.  Either way, it’s in your best interest to hire a professional for the remodel, and here’s why:

Bathroom Renovations take time:

If you work a full time job, or if you’re home full time with your growing family, how much time do you really have to devote to a bathroom renovation?  A professional does this type of work day in, day out.  He or she will be able to troubleshoot when inevitable issues come up. Offering suggestions for the best layouts and plans. They’ll help you take things like the type of boiler installed in your home, your water pressure, and the location of pipes and water lines into account when choosing your bathroom design.

Even if you end up with a dream renovation with no issues at all, what would take you days to accomplish can likely be wrapped up in a single day for a good contractor.  Your bathroom tends to be a high traffic room in the house and it can be a huge inconvenience for it to be unusable for a long period of time.

professional bathroom renovation 2

Click the image to see more of our bathroom renovation projects

Bathroom Renovation Codes and Rules

There are specific wall to fixture measurements that are in building codes that need to be taken into account, especially if you’re planning on selling your home in future.  Hiring a professional bathroom installer saves you from having to do all of that research. The comfort of knowing that your end product will meet by laws and building codes can be worth its weight in gold.

A Job Well Done

The finished product of a bathroom renovation done by a professional can be leagues from one done by the homeowner.  You may be able to install a shower or lay flooring or even paint, but a contractor will have a good grasp on every aspect of the renovation from planning to that final detail. 

Their expertise and the fact that they do this type of work every day means that they’ve got all of the work down to an art form, while it may be a struggle for the average homeowner.  If the whole point of the renovation is to make the room look and function better, doesn’t it make sense to get the best man or woman for the job?

When considering bathroom renovations, it’s a good idea to leave the work in the hands of professionals so that your results can be top quality.

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Bath time with your kids can be a war of worlds. Who’s will is stronger? Your’s or your 3 year old commander in chief? You both have different missions. You just want to wash off the jam in their hair and remove the mud between their toes. They just want to splash around or worse still, not take a bath at all – leading to a torrent of wails and screaming. In reality, bath time can be a golden opportunity to spend quality time, create great sensory experiences and expand their imagination.

Bath Time Senses

Teach your baby about textures, surfaces and senses. A dry towel, a wet flannel, a rubber duck, slippery soap, a squidgy sponge, disappearing body cream, warm and cold. You’ll be teaching them about the world and how to interact with it.

Coloured Ice cubes

Drop coloured ice cubes in the bath water for toddlers to chase around. It’s an excellent way to teach about warm, cold and different colours. Plus, it’s great fun! To make them, next time you’re filling your ice tray, just add a drop of different food colourings to each section.

Bath Time Crafts

You can get crafty without getting messy!

Let your kids use the bathtub as a blank canvas with DIY bath crayons that wipe off. Learn how to make them here.

Another great idea for bathroom crafts is self adhesive fab foam available from hobbycraft or amazon. Best suited to slightly older kids, you can work on lots of different projects and keep kids distracted, making bath time something to look forward to, rather than dread. Just look at this amazing murial from

Make your own soap.

Make soap, bath bombs and fizzles with your kids prior to bath time. It will make them more enthusiastic about bathing, they won’t be able to wait to use their soapy creations.

Multicoloured Foam Bath

This one is really simple. Simply fill two to three spray bottles with a mixture of water and one drop of food colouring and shake it. Then make a foam bath as you would normally and hand the colour filled spray bottle to your little one and let them loose.

Tip: Avoid using red or pink colours as they might stain.

Bath Time Science

There are lots of interesting ways to introduce a fun learning environment to bath time.

I, Spy.

For fun, write lots of creative messages in invisible ink all around the bathroom for your kids to discover. Then switch off the lights, and with a submersible black light torch, they can play CSI and find all the different messages. It’s a great chance for them to discover how invisible ink works. You can get invisible ink pens from any good crafts store.

Bath Time Glow.

Kid’s love science, and weird Get some glow sticks from the pound shop and drop them in the bath for some glowing fun! Or better still, make the whole bathroom glow with glowing bath water. Simply add tonic water (it’s safer than glow water) to the bath as you’re running the taps. Then switch the normal light off and turn the black light on. This simple trick will make the bath water glow blue. Your kids will be in awe.

These quick tips are (largely) hassle free, and it saves you the head ache of having to argue your kids into submission when it’s time to have a bath. Instead, start getting creative and they’ll be begging you to stay in the bathroom for longer!

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A new bathroom is possible

It’s time to debunk the myth that to have a luxurious look & feel, you need to invest in a whole new bathroom installation. Not true. In 5 simple steps you can completely overhaul your bathroom without having to hire plumbers and contractors. We’ve collected 5 ways to achieve this without breaking the bank. Let’s jump in:


Steam showers are great for many reasons. We all know that they are very relaxing but they also come with great health benefits. Steam showers have a positive effect on blood pressure as exposure to steam widens the blood vessels so that blood flow increases and improves circulation.

The heat also relaxes muscles and reduces tension and gives relief to stiff joints. Exposure to heat and steam releases stress and has a fatiguing effect that can improve sleep when used before bed.

Just a steam shower or a the shower/tub combo?

When ordering a steam shower you need to decide if you need a dual tub and a steam shower or just a steam shower alone. The shower/tub combo is more expensive but it’s important to note the benefits that come with the price tag. Tubs include built-in seats, foot massage and whirlpool massage jets. If you’re looking to create a luxurious bathroom environment the shower/tub combo might be the right way to go.

Installing a Steam Shower

The installation process is not too different from installing a regular shower, also a steam shower doesn’t need to take much more space than a regular shower. The total price of a steam shower installation depends on what shower you choose to install as units start at £800 and go upwards.

We’ve done some research for you and here are some of the top steam showers on the market in different price ranges:

Vidalux Sensual Spas Essence 900 Steam Shower Cabin

Vidalux Sensual Spas Essence 900 is a great lower cost shower as it has all the most desirable features; steam, bluetooth, colour changing light at a reasonable price. Price: £879

Insignia INS8728

steam showers

Just like the Vidalux above, the Insignia INS8728 features steam, Bluetooth and colour changing light. In addition this steam shower also features Insignia’s AMI aromatherapy system. Price: £1424

Aquaplus 9018 1500 x 1500 Steam Whirlpool Bath Enclosure

steam showers

All in one! Choosing a steam shower with a Whirlpool bath will include body jets, foot massage and a built-in seat. Price: £1599

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We’ve seen so many bathrooms in our days, and we love them! We love how creative people can get with their private spaces. The bathrooms we have chosen are all located in Notting Hill and we have chosen them because they are creative, quirky and personal.

A mint blue dream! We love the effortless look of this space. Every piece is simple yet gorgeous on its own, it makes for an impeccable bathroom.

Notting Hill House by Waldo Works.
Notting Hill House by Waldo Works.
Notting Hill House by Waldo Works.

The brief was probably ‘Something like Cuba…but marble’

When classic meets modern at its best. This charming pearl is located in Holland Park and has a bathroom that’s luxurious and classy without feeling cold. Also, those tiles with that bathtub are a complete jackpot! The space is designed by Spencer & Wedekind. We are impressed!

Holland Park

Who says you can’t be in wonderland every day? If you want to feel like Alice – every bathroom visit can feel like falling down the rabbit hole!

Notting Hill

There are a lot of elements in this bathroom that are impressive. The geometric tiles obviously stand out with their colours but there’s much more to it. The dark pink on the bathtub matching the tiles and the use of different materials such as wood and frosted glass. And that lamp? It’s a Moooi Heracleum Pendent Light. Very charmed by this space!

London Townhouse, Notting Hill

Stunning bathtub by Drummonds Bathrooms, 642 King’s Road, SW6 2DU London


That wall is beautiful!

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There are so many different showers out there, it’s a jungle! There are digital showers, mixer showers, electric showers, you name it. Here is an inspirational guide to some fine showers we’ve come across…

Aquatique Thermo is a mixer shower by Aqualisa that offers adjustable shower and drencher heads. It’s made of high quality brass with both exposed and concealed valves available. It comes in a chrome or gold finish and the drencher heads can be found in 5” and 8”. We really like Aquatique Thermo’s classic and sophisticated style, definitely a stunning addition to a rustic looking bathroom.



Aside from its sleek design, Mira’s digital showers allow you to select exact temperature and the flow rate of your shower. It offers an Eco function if you wish to limit the flow and reduce your water usage. Mira’s 360 showerhead comes in three different designs and thanks to the Flipstream™ Technology the 360 showerhead rotates and offers four different sprays: rain, cloud, storm and burst. Well, let’s be honest, goodbye Eco function, hello burst!!!

Just going to have a shower...four times...

Just going to have a shower…four times…


Mira platinum wireless remote controller


The Mira 360 range is complimented with Mira Shelves and can be used as parking sockets for the shower head to replace the conventional slide bar.

The Rainshower F-series from Grohe is just stunning! And luxurious! As always when it comes to Grohe. There is too much to choose from to mention it all here but here are some sneak peaks:




Attention rain shower lovers: If you want a proper rain shower you’ll need the right kit behind the scenes – ask for a cold water MainsBoost accumulator from TWS.

A little bit of English manufacturing history: SAMUEL HEATH

Samuel Heath factory in Birmingham, England

Samuel Heath factory in Birmingham, England

Samuel Heath was established in 1820 and is a British manufacturer that began as a traditional brass founder. Today Samuel Heath is manufacturing bathroom accessories, taps, showers and architectural hardware and has become internationally renowned for innovation and quality.

On the process: ‘Each piece is meticulously formed from the purest Northern European solid brass which is then polished by hand to create a flawless finish before undergoing a high quality electroplating process. Attention to detail dictates that each product is then assembled, checked and packed by skilled individuals. All of these processes take place at the company’s Birmingham factory ensuring total control over manufacturing, quality and environmental responsibility.’

Samuel Heath is located in the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour.

The Fairfield line - Wooden levers enhance the organic feeling of Fairfield's curvilinear design.

The Fairfield line – Wooden levers enhance the organic feeling of Fairfield’s curvilinear design.

Samuel Heath and Royal Crown Derby collaborated for a collection that exemplifies the very best of British Design and Manufacturing.

Local recommendation: BURGE & GUNSON
We recommend Burge & Gunson in SW19, they are London’s largest independent bathroom specialists. They know it all and they stock all the brands mentioned above!

Happy showering!

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