Leaking pipes, faulty drains and backwater flows are problems that are part of everyday living. These are common issues that keep cropping up some time or the other – in our homes, offices, and public places. The first person who comes to the mind in such an event is the plumber. But, calling up any available plumbing service in West London is not a guarantee that the issue will be resolved proficiently. You need to choose the right plumbing service for the job.

Tips to choose an expert plumbing service in West London:

  1. The first and foremost thing to check and verify is whether the agency has a registration number from the relevant authority or not. In UK, only licensed people can run a plumbing service. Such agencies that have an appropriate license will use advanced and practical plumbing methods and provide optimal solutions. Using internet and digital methods, you can instantly cross-verify the license of the service provider.

  3. A licensed plumbing service in West London for sure will have a Plumbing insurance. However, it is advisable to check and verify the insurance papers to be satisfied about the authenticity of the service provider. The insurance is a means to cover for accidents to plumbers on-the-job and also acts as a cover against damage to client property.

  5. It is recommended that different plumbing services in West London are contacted for your plumbing requirements. The idea is to let all of them have a look at the damage or the fault and give an estimate. This way you will be able to compare the rates as well as the solutions offered to chose the best one amongst them.

  7. Read through online reviews of the different plumbing services in West London before even short-listing. Not only the website of the service provider, it is also advisable to check out reviews on neutral sites where customers can openly share negative and positive experiences about different services.

  9. Last but not the least, when the plumbing service is at work it is best to check for the quality of the parts and tools being use. For repair and replacement, stress upon using genuine company-made parts that come with warranty.

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A plumber, by profession is one who installs fixtures that are associated with plumbing. It majorly involves pipes that are used for flushing out waste from homes and offices as well gas and water supply piping infrastructure. Hiring a Putney plumber for fixing your sinks, bathtubs, and toilets can be a time-consuming task because every professional out there claims to be the best.

Follow the checklist here to ensure that you get yourself the best out of the lot to do your plumbing installations and repairs-

  • Ensure that the plumber service is licensed and registered as per the law. Also make sure that the plumbers hired by the agency are all licensed. The license is a proof that the Putney plumbers have received professional training in this area of work.

  • Make sure that the plumber service has experience on hand. Plumbing is a profession where the serviceman gains more knowledge with experience.

  • Hire plumbers from an accredited agency that has a good credibility in the market. This ensures that the plumbers on duty have been checked for their background and thoroughly screened before being appointed.

  • It is good to ask and query about the kind of tools and equipment the plumbing agency uses for the job. With advent in technology, there are plenty of advanced technical aids and it is good to check if the service provider takes advantage of modern technology or not. As technology helps in delivering superior quality work, the work done by such Putney plumbers will be more effective and efficient.

  • Besides, it is also necessary to check the insurance and general liability certifications of the company. The insurance is related to compensation and all reputed plumbing service providers willingly share a copy of the certificates with their potential clients.

  • A Putney plumber service that is accessible round-the-clock should be a preferred option for plumbing work. This means that the plumber service will be able to take your call and send over professionals even in times of emergencies without much ado.

  • Lastly, go in for a professional plumber who is affordable and has fair pricing policies.

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When the temperature outside falls below zero, your boiler and heating system can get affected. In fact, when you need your boiler and heating the most the condense pipe of the boiler can get frozen. If the condense pipe of your boiler is too small or isn’t insulated properly, chances are high that it will freeze because of the water residue that stays in the pipe when you use your heating.

Every year we get countless of calls when the first proper cold hits the city. Many customers experience that their boiler is not working and the fault code often indicates that there’s an issue with the condense pipe, which has frozen. Naturally, this will stop the boiler from working because the condensation has nowhere to get out of the system.

If this happens to you, our advice for a temporary fix is to pour some hot water either down the pipe or on the pipe to melt the ice.  Then restart you boiler and turn on the heat again. Repeat the procedure if the ice hasn’t melted.

This type of failure should however not be happening at all, and does not happen where we have installed the boilers. The reason it happens is that the condense pipe is the wrong size, in that case a a bigger pipe should be fitted. The problem could also be solved by insulating the external section of the condense pipe. To fix this problem permanently, contact your plumber to get the condense pipe replaced or insulated.

Call us on 02073502511 or email info@wpjheating.co.uk if you need our help.

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Apprenticeship at WPJ Heating

Apprenticeship at WPJ Heating certainly pays off. We are very excited that Worcester Bosch has crowned our apprentice, Callum Megarry, ‘Apprentice of the year 2018.’ We are extremely proud of Callum, who couldn’t be more deserving.

PJ Luard, the director of WPJ Heating said, “we selected Callum as the candidate to compete in this year’s competition because  he demonstrated all the qualities of an exemplary candidate. He showed confidence, creativity and determination. All of which made him successful during the first stages of his apprenticeship at WPJ Heating.”

We are Worcester Challenges:

The first apprenticeship challenge required Callum to demonstrate his skills by making something creative out of copper:

Later, he needed to show the work he was most proud of. He selected this boiler installation in South West London, where he assisted the engineers with prep work.

Callum would say his favourite challenge was “beating” (depends on who you ask) his supervisor Guy in a boiler stripdown race, which was the final challenge:

Working at WPJ Heating:

WPJ Heating’s Field Team Manager, Guy Langstaffe said of Callum, “It has been a pleasure working with him. Training him as part of our apprenticeship programme and seeing that our process produces great engineers who have a high standard of workmanship”

Well done Callum! The whole team is proud of you!

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Mainsboost Systems

Mainsboost can help with water pressure and flow issues. Earlier this month, we wrote on how to improve water pressure and flow in your home. It’s an issue lot’s of our customers have to deal with, especially in London, where poor water pressure and flow rates can vary -resulting in a poor showering experience for those with electric showers.

We went up to the Stuart Turner training facility to learn more about the Mainsboost Products and how they can significantly improve water pressure and flow for the outlets in your home.

Mainsboost Flomate

Flomate systems are designed to be connected directly to the incoming mains. They’re designed to be compact and simple to install and can typically fit into a standard kitchen cupboard, saving you space. They also connect easily because all they need is a water mains and electricity supply. The range comes in different sizes

Flomate 60, Flomate 80 and Mainsboost Flomate 300 (which are designed for larger properties with multiple bathrooms and outlets which may be in use at the same time.

In this video, our director PJ Luard talks about the different options and which may be suitable for your home and needs.

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We’re looking for an experienced domestic plumber to join our team based in South West London. Read more to find out what the role entails and how you can apply now.

Summary : Experienced Domestic Plumber

WPJ Heating was established in 2006 and is a leading heating and boiler installation company for the private residential market in South West London, we are looking for a capable and experienced domestic plumber to tackle the whole spectrum of residential plumbing problems. There will be tap, shower and drainage jobs as well as radiator work, fitting new sanitary ware and appliances. Fault diagnosis skills will be of utmost importance so that we can effect efficient and economical repairs for our customers. We always carrying out work to the highest possible standards for our private clients. We expect top quality work from the best plumbers. All of our team take great pride and accountability in their work and love finding solutions to the problems they face. A sound plumbing background will help your application.

Responsibilities and Duties

· Great interpersonal and communication skills
· Attention to detail
· Polite and courteous
· The ability to work both independently and as a team player
· Ability to use initiative
· Determined, hard working, honest and reliable
· Respectful and exceptionally tidy in customer’s houses

Qualifications and Skills

· A minimum of 4 years plumbing experience
· A minimum of 2 years in the private residential sector
· Own tools
· ACS Qualifications
· Minimum of 2 recent references
· Clean driving license


· Competitive rates of pay
· Corporate uniform
· Company van
· Job Type: Permanent
· Paid Overtime at higher rate
· Projected Salary depends on experience, references and test results
· Paid holiday, pension scheme and life assurance

Job Type:


Read more About Us to see what we’re all about. Send us your CV below or e-mail to info@wpjheating.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Toolbox Essentials

toolbox essentials

A tool box may be a small investment, but it can save you an incredible amount of money by allowing you to address and troubleshoot basic problems yourself, before needing to call in the professionals.

Toolbox essentials: the basics


You can fix almost anything with a set of proper screwdrivers. Use them to tighten loose screws, set up flat pack furniture and for any basic installation project. You can get flat head screwdriver heads for slot headed nails and phillips head (cross head) screwdriver sets too.

toolbox essentials: screwdrivers

Tape measure

Keep it on hand to measure anything from the wall area for a paint project to the thickness of lumber at the home center—where you’ll learn that a 2×4 is not exactly 2 by 4 inches.


Keeping your tools – drivers, screws, and bolts in an easy-to-carry toolbox keeps you organised and tidy. The big box (or bag) has a single metal latch that closes tightly. A removable tray is great for assorted fasteners.

toolbox essentials


Of course, a hammer is essential. A 16-ounce smooth-faced claw hammer has a nice mix of heft and versatility for driving nails into walls to hang pictures, knocking together ready-to-assemble furniture, and building birdhouses. The curved claw is useful for pulling out the nails that inevitably get bent.


You can use them to straighten bent plugs, replace old shower heads, cut wires and grip nails so you can pull them out.

Utility Knife

You’ll be using this to open delivery boxes, sharpen pencils, mark mortises, and shave wood. Spend a little more upfront for one with a comfortable rubber-covered handle and built-in blade storage. Then you’re more likely to pop in a fresh blade rather than forcing a dull one, which isn’t safe.

Adjustable Wrench

toolbox essentials: wrench

You need one, trust us. It’s jaws can be used to tighten nuts and bolts when assembling things like a backyard swing or when installing a new tap.

We hope this helps, at the very least its a start to getting you DIY ready for all kinds of odd jobs, plumbing emergencies and flat pack assembly situations.

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Plumbing leaks: any type of leak can cost you thousands of pounds in repairs. It’s important to spot small problems before they become big ones. In this post, we’ll look at some of the different leaks that could cause major problems and show you how you can identify them.

Plumbing Leaks: WPJ Bathroom 1

Plumbing leaks: Number 1: Splash leaks

This is when water escapes past your shower curtain or shower door. It might seem minor, but if it’s consistently happening when your shower is being used, this type of leak can cause serious damage if the water seeps into the flooring. It can cause your sub-flooring to rot, leading to an potentially expensive replacement project. In this instance, you’ll notice loose tiles near your tub, peeling paint or chalky wood finish. Or it could simply be unexplained pools of water on the floor, mould spots on the wall or water stains on the ceiling of the room directly below your bathroom.

To locate the source, splash water around your shower door and if water seeps out, you’ve got a leak. If there are any gaps in the silicone around the shower door or frame, this could be the source of the leak.

Plumbing leaks: Number 2: Drainage leaks

These types of leaks occur when water seeps from the outside of the sinkhole or drain. Sometimes in old showers, the seal around the drain may be broken, which can lead to leaks. Another good indicator of a leak in your bathroom would be stains or damage on the ceiling in rooms downstairs. To be sure it’s a drain leak, put some water in the tub, plug the drain and mark the water level. Come back in an hour and if the water level’s changed, we’d recommend you call in a plumber to investigate and fix the lix.

Plumbing leaks: Number 3: Tile Leaks

This happens when water seeps through the grout or silicon and gets into the walls. If you notice tiles start to fall off, or if you notice the wall frame is rotting, persistent mould, peeling paint on the wall exterior to the bathroom, you could have a tile leak.

Plumbing leaks: Number 4: Toilet leaks

You’ll notice this where the toilet meets the waste pipe or on the floor. Each time you flush, a little bit of water seeps out, which can damage your floors. If you notice water around the base of your toilet, if the floor feels soft or if the toilet rocks or moves when you sit on it, call a professional. They’ll be able to remove the toilet and investigate the cause of the leak further.

Plumbing Leaks: WPJ Bathroom

Plumbing leaks: Number 5: Kitchen sink counter

These leaks will eventually cause damage to your worktops and cabinets. If you notice pools of water, damp, water stains or a bad odour coming from inside the cupboards under the sink. You might be able to fix this yourself by simply resealing any leaks using a sealant. Also, tighten the nuts under the base of the tap.

Other slow leaks you should be weary of:

Any leaks or puddles around your boiler should be addressed immediately by calling your local gas safe registered engineer. If you think your water tank is leaking, wipe the surface of the tank with a dry paper towel. If it gets damps or wet at any point, you’ll know there’s a leak. Get your engineer in to take a look immediately. Over time, the leak could get bigger and lead to the tank bursting, causing an even bigger flooding problem.

Other ways to spot leaks include stained walls or wall paper, stained ceilings or mould in the corners of rooms adjoining or adjacent to wet rooms. If you discover a leak, call our office and arrange a meeting for one of our plumbers or engineers to come out.

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New Plumbing Glossary

New Plumbing Glossary

New Plumbing Glossary

We launched our live plumber service in summer last year and we’re hoping that more and more of our customers will discover the ease and comfort of the service.  Being able to reach a plumber or heating engineer in real time, show them the problem and get it solved immediately or get a quote and follow up appointment within seconds surely is a good thing.

We expect you will need and use live plumber this year. So we’ve dug up a new glossary of plumbing terms and extracted the words we think you might come across as you DIY your plumbing emergencies with help from our expert plumbers based in Wandsworth, Chelsea and Clapham.

New Plumbing Glossary A – D

Apron – the skirting of your bathtub that covers the rough-in area from the floor to the top.

Ball joint – it allows for many bathroom and shower accessories to rotate and pivot easily.

Ball passage – refers to the size of the ball that can pass through the u-bend of a toilet – it also relates to the size of the u-bend.

Ballcock – the valve that controls the flow of water from the mains water supply into the toilet tank.

>Basin wrench – a wrench with a long handle and jaws attached to a swivel that can reach nuts and fasten taps.

Butterfly valve – a valve that allows water to flow through it when open and stops the flow when closed

Check stop valve – shut-off valve used with tub/shower faucet that is activated by turning a slotted stem with a screwdriver – also known as a screwdriver stop or a service stop.

Cistern – rainwater storage tank that is often underground

Closed system – a system where the incoming cold water has a device that will not allow water to expand when it’s heated

Dam – the barrier built into the u-bend of a toilet that controls the water level in the bowl

Dishwasher slip joint – a flanged adaptor connecting a basket strainer to the drainpipe with a dishwasher inlet

Drip leg – a stub end pipe attached at a low point in your gas piping. It collects condensate and allows it to be removed.

Dynamic pressure – the pressure when the water is flowing

New Plumbing Glossary 2

New Plumbing Glossary E – H

EF – Energy Factor – a measure of the overall efficiency rating of the water heater based on the model’s recovery, efficiency, stand-by loss and energy input

Elbow – sometimes called an ell – a fitting used to change the direction of rigid pipe or tubing

Expansion tank – a tank designed to absorb extra pressure because of  heat expansion

Feed pump – the pump that supplies water to your boiler

Gas cock/ gas isolating valve – plug valve installed in the main gas line

Gasket – flat device, usually made of rubber, which is used to provide a watertight seal between metal joints

GPF – Gallons Per Flush – the rate of water flow by which toilets and flush valves are measured and regulated

Greywater – waste water from sinks, showers and bathtubs, but not from toilets

Grounding – connects a piece of electrical equipment to a ‘ground wire’, which is connected to the electrical system ground at the circuit breaker box – this helps to ensure the circuit breaker will trip and cut off power in the event of a short circuit or damage to insulation. Although, you shouldn’t ever need to touch electrical fittings near or around your boiler.

Hard water – natural water containing impurities in various proportions – traditional hardness is a measure of calcium or dissolved solids in a solution, measured in parts per million.

We’ll continue to Z in another post. But for now, we hope this helps!

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Congratulations to our apprentices Connor and Nick who recently graduated from our apprenticeship scheme and are now certified gas engineers.

Connor and Nick joined WPJ as apprentices in 2013 and have been working hard towards their qualifications since then. A full apprenticeship to become a gas engineer takes four years to complete. The scheme covers basic plumbing in the first two years, electrics, heating, hot & cold water in the third year and in the final fourth year, apprentices learn how to work with gas.

The guys joined us after finishing their secondary school at age 16 and four years later, are now full-fledged gas engineers as well as full time employees at WPJ Heating.

We are very proud of them and happy with their hard and thorough work. We wish them all the best!

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