Cut Your Energy Costs Day

This Sunday (10 January) is globally recognized as Cut Your Energy Costs Day. Here are few tips to help you cut your energy costs.

1. Get leaky taps fixed. A dripping tap can waste up to 15 litres of water per day, which is a lot, especially if you’re using a water meter.
2. Install solar panels. Your utility bills will be cheaper because you’ll be generating your own energy.
3. Make sure your central heating is up to scratch. If there are cold spots in your home, the radiators may need bleeding or a system upgrade may be necessary to increase efficiency and prevent you from having to incessantly ramp up the thermostat.
4. Fit draught excluders. By sealing up the gaps around your windows and doorframes, you’ll avoid the heat (that you’re paying your heating company for!) from flying out the window.
5. Buy an energy-efficient washing machine and dishwasher. Better for the environment and even better for your pocket.

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