Decorating with Green: Another Picture Guide

decorating with green
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Decorating with Green: Use Plants

When decorating with green, it’s important to know the emotions associated with the colour. Green is a calming colour that evokes a sense of being outdoors, making it a popular choice for home decor. When decorating with green, you can add a hint of it using accessories, linen and plants, or make a big statement with deep emerald green walls, furniture or cabinets balanced with playful blush pink.

decorating with green plants

Plants are an obvious and easy way to bring more green into any room, especially in wet rooms like the bathroom. So if you’re wanting some greenery, but don’t want to overhaul the entire room, pop down to your local flower market and pick out plants with big green leaves that you be able to situate all over the room to freshen it up and add life.

Decorating with Green: Walls

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The colour green creates a feeling of balance and security. We also associate it with safety, security and sometimes wealth. (Think US $, the green man at traffic crossings etc). So If you’re wanting to create a room that’s relaxing and allows you to de-stress. Use large blocks of green – on the walls, on the floor or as bed linen.

Decorating with Green and Pink

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Green and Pink sit opposite each other on the colour wheel, making them complementary. The stark contrast means that next to each other, they both stand out. Now softening a really dark green with a pastel like blush pink gives the room a softer quality. It’s very modern and on trend for 2017/2018.

Decorating with Green accessories

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Now all that’s left is to use green here and there for your home decor accessories. Green cushions, green sofa, green plates, green linen can be classy additions to upgrade an already beautiful looking home.

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