DIY Bank Holiday weekend

With the weather turning a bit turbulent this weekend, your thoughts might turn to some DIY projects. But this may not be the best thought process, especially if you get in over your head. The costs of bringing in a professional when a DIY Bank Holiday weekend goes wrong are extremely high.

The most commonly ‘botched’ DIY tasks are painting and decorating, 32%, applying sealant around a bath or shower 18%, tiling 16%, plastering 13% and filling a hole or crack in the wall 12% and home owners have paid out £67 million to put right their DIY disasters, according to research from LV= home insurance.

Over ambition and lack of knowledge are among the main causes of DIY disasters. Among all those that caused damage in their home, 36% didn’t know what they were doing, 18% found the job was just too complicated and 24% blamed their tools for the job going awry.

The rise of online tutorial videos has exacerbated the problem, with complicated do it yourself looking too easy. Some 8% did the work after watching an online tutorial video as it gave them the confidence to have a go. And 29% have attempted to have a go at potentially dangerous tasks such as electrical repairs, 8% roofing work and 4% knocking through a wall. Some 3% have even attempted gas appliance repairs without professional help.

We strongly recommend if you are not confident to complete the DIY task, call in a professional. When attempting to save money by doing it yourself, can end up costing you hundreds to thousands of £’s.

If you do attempt a DIY plumbing task in Wandsworth this weekend and things end up pear shaped, gives a call 020 7350 2511 and we can send someone out to you as soon as possible.

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