Do’s and Don’ts While Getting Underfloor Heating Installation in London

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Underfloor heating not only makes your home surroundings look aesthetic; it evenly distributes the heat too. It is effective and helps conserve heat that ultimately helps reduce energy bills. Underfloor heating or UFH is hygienic and does not involve regular cleaning up exercises. However, there are certain do’s and don’ts associated with underfloor heating in London that one should be aware of.


    • There is a choice that you need to make between water-based UFH and electric UFH. The former is more efficient, cost-effective, has greater power and works on any kind of flooring. The latter is quite expensive and is suitable only for tiled floors.


    • It is advisable to have a qualified installing company visit and study your place extensively before presenting you with the layout, designs and wiring diagrams. They will help you understand the ins and outs of the entire system while you will also be able to avail their after-sales services.


  • For underfloor heating in London, ensure that you choose only a licensed and registered installer for the work. Such agencies will use quality products and their services will be guaranteed. Getting the work done from cheap and sub-standard agencies would mean more costs and no peace of mind.


    • Homeowners are often motivated to buy off-the-shelf underfloor heating solutions. Remember, that the floor of all homes differs and each need custom-made solutions. What is right for your neighbor’s floor may not suit yours. Hence, let a professional and trusted installer gauge the requirement and suggest the solution accordingly.


    • UFH is an investment and needs to be decided after thorough checkup of the overall home structure and systems. Do not rush into it before paying attention to the insulation quality of the walls, floors and windows of your house. Let a professional service provider for underfloor heating in London suggest what is best for your home.


  • While UFH costs money you need to be sure that the installer is charging a reasonable amount for the work. He should neither be over-charging on the pretext that underfloor heating is a costly affair nor charge less by compromising on the quality of work.

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