Eat, Drink & Be Safe

With the holiday season in full force, the London Ambulance Service, London Fire Brigade, Metropolitan Police Service and the Mayor of London have teamed up to help residents Eat, Drink & Be safe.

You may have seen the campaign posters on the transport system all across the capital reminding Londoners to have a safer fun festive celebration.

The advice is pretty simple:


We all know drinking on an empty stomach is not the best idea. So before the festive drinking begins, put some food in your stomach.


You don’t want to be the one who passes out early, so be sure to have water or a soft drink in between rounds. It is a time for celebration, but try not to over due it.


Know how you will be getting home. Trying to plan a journey home after having a few drinks can lead you in the wrong direction or cost you more money.

The chairman of the Alcohol Alliance, Cllr Jim Maddan, said: “Most of us enjoy a drink at Christmas, but if you are going out make sure you keep in control, stick with your friends and plan in advance how you will get home safely. Please end your evening safe at home rather than in the back of an ambulance or in a police cell.”

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