Effective Ways to Manage Water Pressure Levels

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Weak water pressure can be a real nuisance. Taking a bath, washing dishes, and watering the lawn all at the same time will be impossible with that trickling water flow. On the other hand, having high water pressure isn’t always good. If it’s too high, then it can damage the pipes and cause leaks.


Managing the water pressure level in your home is not as difficult as you may think. If you follow these tips, you can achieve the right balance.


Test your system


To know whether you are dealing with high or low water pressure, test your system regularly with a water pressure gauge. Attach the gauge to a faucet then turn on the water to check if the pressure is in the ideal level.


Find out the source of the problem


Weak water pressure can be caused by many things such as poor plumbing and leaking pipes. Thus, to really fix the root cause problem, you need to perform a thorough diagnosis. The first step is to check the accessible pipes in your home.


Install pipe reduction apparatus


If the pipes have a diameter that is wider than half an inch, it means that they are old. You may need to change them following the new building regulations. You may also hire a contractor to install a pipe reduction apparatus in your existing pipes. This should improve the water pressure level.


Replace pipes


Old and rusty pipes can also be the reason behind water pressure problems. If that’s the case for your pipes, then the best remedy is to replace them. While you can replace the pipes yourself, it’s best to leave this job to the hands of professional plumbers.


Clean taps and showerheads


Are you only experiencing problematic water pressure level in the bathroom? Perhaps, you are dealing with a clog. This problem can be easily fixed by cleaning the taps or showerheads. You need to uninstall and clean them to remove the gunk and any obstruction. Then reinstall them again.


Install water pressure regulator


To get your pressure to the recommended levels, install a water pressure regulator. If you already have one and yet the water pressure level persists, you may need to have it adjusted. You must call in a professional plumber to do this job.