Everyday Cleaning Hacks for your bathroom

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Cleaning Hacks

Everyone thinks it’s your toilet bowl that is the germ friendly zone. But in reality, because you clean your toilet bowl so thoroughly with powerful chemicals, the dangers to your health and hygiene lie elsewhere. It’s more likely that bacteria is lingering on the other areas that you touch like taps, flush handles, door handles, toilet seats etc. Those are the areas that are germ hotspots.


Some of the main hot spots for germs include your toilet seat, flush handle, taps, waste bins often get contaminated. If you’ve got young kids, it’s even more important that these surfaces are cleaned thoroughly. Clean all these surfaces regularly, the main thing with hygiene is that you never clean just once, it has to become a habit.

Another harborer of germs that we may not think of often is cleaning cloths and sponges. If you leave them damp and not put them out to dry they create an environment for bacteria to breed. Wash them regularly on a hot wash (more than 60 degrees), or by soaking them in disinfectant.

Cleaning your plumbing fixtures

Things like your taps, sink tops and shower heads can gather scum and limescale. If you want to be environmentally friendly, make your own products that can sometimes even work better than what you’ll get in store.

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