What is a Fatberg?

A fatberg is a congealed lump of fat, sanitary items, wet wipes, and similar stuff found in sewer systems, which do not break down like toilet paper. Such deposits are officially referred to by this term by authorities at Thames Water. But what causes this and how can it be avoided?

• Do not put grease or oil down your kitchen drain: Grease, fat, and other oils can adhere to your pipes. Other debris then sticks to the grease and creates a stubborn kitchen drain blockage. Instead, throw grease, fat and oils in the garbage in a sealed container.

• Install strainers on all drains: Hair commonly causes drain blockages, especially in showers and bathtubs. You can easily prevent these blockages by installing a screen or strainer on your drains and remembering to clean them regularly.

• Pay attention to what goes down your drain: Things that solidify, such as paint, glue, and wax should never be put down your drain. These items will harden inside of your pipes, causing either a partial or whole blockage.

• Remember: your loo is NOT a wastebasket. The only thing that should ever be flushed down your loo (besides the obvious) is toilet paper. Facial tissues, sanitary products, cotton balls, and diapers are not made to properly dissolve in water and will cause a blockage if flushed down your toilet.

Only together can we prevent a fatberg big enough to block up the sewers and cause raw sewage to spurt out of manholes.

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