Fitting a new tap

Replacing an old leaky tap is something most of us will attempt at least once. The process can seem a bit overwhelming, but fitting a new tap is not an impossible task.

Prior to fitting a new tap you should be sure to shut off the water. I know it seems obvious, but it is the most crucial step and should be done prior to removing any hoses.

Disconnecting your old tap:

This process can seem a bit cumbersome as the connections tend to be awkward and because of corrosion the loosening of connections may be difficult, as they have ‘welded’ themselves together. Using oil or heat can help to loosen those connections.

Fitting the new tap:

Once you have removed your old tap you will notice plastic washers in with your new tap. Be sure to follow the manufacturers instructional manual when fitting the new tap. Following instructions, especially when you are attempting a new DIY project is crucial. When tightening connections, take into account you may need to replace hoses or the tap again some day, so try and make it as easy as possible to reach those connections in the future.

Once all connections are tightened be sure to turn the water on slowly and have a bucket or towel under the connections incase you haven’t tightened everything fully. If no leaks are found and the tap is functioning, congratulations, you have fitted your first tap. If the job didn’t work out how you were hoping and you are in need of professional help, check Checkatrade to find a qualified plumber near you. If you are in Southwest London call 020 7350 2511 or click here to see the services we provide.

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