Heatwave: Tips on staying cool

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Even though temperatures have cooled dramatically this weekend, the heatwave is set to return with a vengeance this week as temperatures climb back up to 30º C this Friday. Experts are predicting higher than normal temperatures over autumn, its more important than ever that we look after ourselves while it’s super hot. In Britain, homes are designed to keep us warm, so we have to take extra care to avoid health risks.

Stay hydrated in the heatwave

The first and most important, is to stay hydrated during the heatwave. It may seem obvious but you’ll be sweating a lot and all that water lost needs to be replaced. Especially when travelling on the tube, make sure you carry a refillable bottle of water with you that you can take sips from throughout the day. Avoid single use plastic bottles – they’re harmful to the environment.

Buy a fan

Whether hand held, table or standing, investing in a fan may actually come in handy over the long term. It’s no secret, the earth is heating up, so it’s likely heatwaves may become the new norm. For extra cool in the air, but a bowl full of ice in front of the fan while it’s on.

Wear Sunscreen, it’s a heatwave!

While this might seem like an extra thing to do before leaving your house in the morning, keep your factor 50 because you’ll be needing it a lot more. It’s been the hottest summer since 1976 so far. While it’s fun to hang around in the sun, heat stroke and sunburn aren’t any fun, so take care of yourself.

Stay out of the sun

While we can complain about the “nanny state” in the UK for telling us last week to “stay out of the sun”. But there is a point to it. There’s a reason warmer countries like Spain have siestas. High temperatures in this heatwave can be particularly dangerous for older people, the young and those with long term health conditions. On particularly hot days, stay out of the sun between 11am and 3pm, when the sun is at its highest point.

Heatwave cooldown

Buy a cooling Pillow

Yes, they exist. Ever flipped your pillow over for that “aahhhh” feeling during a hot summer’s night? Then this is just right for you. They’re available on amazon.

Eat foods with a high water content

Eating ice cream on a hot day might seem like the obvious thing to do. But it may actually make you feel worse afterwards. Your body gives off a lot of heat while it’s working hard to break down rich foods like ice cream. Refreshing options are things like cucumbers, strawberries, watermelons, sweet bell peppers and celery.

The point is, enjoy yourself, but keep things cool.

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