Helpful plumbing tips for the office

A plumbing problem in the office could bring your business to a halt. These tips are for office managers keen to keep disruption levels and repair costs down.

Protect your basement from flooding

Flooding may be reasonably rare in London but it does happen – Richmond, Twickenham, Chiswick and Bermondsey were all put on flood alert in February this year after the Thames swamped water banks across the capital. In fact, your office doesn’t even need to be in a riverside location for this to happen, as basement floods can occur any time the ground above becomes saturated with water from excessive rain or melting ice, or if the drainage system fails.

The following maintenance measures can be carried out to prevent flooding in your office:

  • Regularly get the gutters cleared to prevent blockages and subsequent overspills.
  • Have a sump pump ready for emergencies and ask your plumber to service it regularly to ensure it is in good working order.
  • Keep an eye on all of the water appliances within your building to catch leaks early.

Detect leaks sooner rather than later

If you hear dripping sounds or notice wet patches around your office, a plumber should be called immediately to diagnose the source of the leak, as unresolved leaks can lead to bigger and costlier problems. These include damp and rot, as well as hazards to employees, such as scalding from hot leaking water.

Regularly carry out the following checks for early leak detection:

  • Listen out for running water, hissing and gurgling sounds around your office and follow the noise to pinpoint the location, directing your plumber to the problem area.
  • Carry out regular toilet inspections for insufficient flushing and water escaping from underneath the lavatory. Toilet leaks are relatively common and easily resolved by a professional if caught early.
  • Periodically check the drains below the kitchen and bathroom sinks as you never know when a clog could turn into a leak.
  • If you notice hot spots around the office, there could a hot water leak, and this can be extremely dangerous to workers so make an emergency call out straightaway.

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