How to set up a gas safety reminder

According to official statistics from the Gas Safe Register, 1 in 7 homes in London have unsafe gas appliances.

Faulty, incorrectly fitted or poorly serviced gas ovens, boilers and other home appliances can cause gas to leak into your home, putting your family and neighbours at risk. Also, incomplete combustion can put you in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning – which is often fatal.

It’s advisable to get a gas safety inspection carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer annually. If you own the property and are renting it out, you are legally obliged to do this for the safety of your tenants.

During the inspection, the engineer will check:

  • gas appliances are on the right setting and burning correctly with the accurate operating pressure
  • harmful gases are being removed from each appliance safely to the air outside
  • ventilation routes are clear and functioning properly
  • all safety devices are working.

You will be awarded a gas safety certificate (CP12) upon completion, which is valid for twelve months, and will be advised on any issues that require repairs or replacement parts.

Below are a selection of methods you can use to remind yourself when your next gas safety inspection is due.

Ask your local plumbing company to send you an annual reminder.

Most professional plumbing companies will keep a record of the gas safety inspections that you book with them and can send you a letter, email or text reminder when it’s time to book the next one. This is how WPJ can help you, as we’ll send you your annual reminder via your preferred contact method.

Set a reminder with the Stay Gas Safe tool.

When you sign up to the Gas Safe Register’s free reminder service, they will alert you by email or text in the month that your inspection is due, plus you can set up multiple reminders if you have more than one property.

Circle the date on your calendar.

Of course, you can always opt for the traditional method and circle the date on your calendar or diary, or set an alarm on your mobile phone if you’re more digitally inclined.

Whichever method you choose, always remember to ask to see your engineer’s Gas Safe Register ID card before you let them into your home to inspect or work on any of your appliances.

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