Know the Concept of “Trees for Cities” with WPJ Heating

Know the Concept of “Trees for Cities” with WPJ Heating

Trees for Cities is a UK charity that plants trees all across the globe. They have urban forest projects and educational programs in schools to help transform cities and instil a love for nature among children. They also partner with different companies who can promote their cause in their respective communities. Among them is WPJ Heating—a boiler installation, plumbing, and heating services provider.



This company is one of the most trusted and respected contractors in London. They are known for taking excellent care of the community through services such as superior boiler installation, replacement, repair, maintenance services. With their professional and highly trained engineers, WPJ Heating guarantees the quality of their work.



The company also understands that the home appliances industry negatively impacts the environment. Though newer models of boilers and heating appliances are 70% more efficient compared to older ones, they still have a significant carbon footprint. This is why WPJ Heating decided to take an active approach to minimize the effects of boilers on the planet. Aside from using and recommending energy-efficient heating appliances to clients, they also joined hands with Trees for the Cities.



The concept of Trees for Cities is simple. With every installation of a boiler, WPJ Heating will plant a tree. This has changed their commitment as a company. Not only will the company look after your home—they will also look after the planet. It’s a small act that can surely make a big difference in the world’s effort towards sustainability.



As a company that takes its corporate social responsibility seriously, WPJ Heating partnered with Trees for the Cities to build greener cities. This is not just a marketing strategy. It’s about helping people take part in enacting positive change and making a better and more liveable world for the next generation.