Mainsboost | Improving Water Pressure and Flow |Part II

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Mainsboost Systems

Mainsboost can help with water pressure and flow issues. Earlier this month, we wrote on how to improve water pressure and flow in your home. It’s an issue lot’s of our customers have to deal with, especially in London, where poor water pressure and flow rates can vary -resulting in a poor showering experience for those with electric showers.

We went up to the Stuart Turner training facility to learn more about the Mainsboost Products and how they can significantly improve water pressure and flow for the outlets in your home.

Mainsboost Flomate

Flomate systems are designed to be connected directly to the incoming mains. They’re designed to be compact and simple to install and can typically fit into a standard kitchen cupboard, saving you space. They also connect easily because all they need is a water mains and electricity supply. The range comes in different sizes

Flomate 60, Flomate 80 and Mainsboost Flomate 300 (which are designed for larger properties with multiple bathrooms and outlets which may be in use at the same time.

In this video, our director PJ Luard talks about the different options and which may be suitable for your home and needs.

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