Confused about new boiler prices? Read this

confused about boiler prices

boiler prices

Boiler Prices

Boiler manufacturers vary, so boiler prices will change depending on type, size, performance, quality and guarantee. Ask for 2-3 quotes from different boiler installation companies in your area as the prices can differ dramatically. Boiler prices should range from £800 – £2000. It is a long term investment so it’s important to do your research and explore which boiler is right for your home and your household needs before you make your purchase.

Being in the business 11 years, we’ve found Worcester Bosch and Valiant to be top quality brands, and we choose to work with them because their products are top grade and both companies have demonstrated a commitment to customer service and care over the years. A new Worcester Bosch or Vaillant boiler ranges from £1800- £3000 including installation.

Save on New Boiler Prices

According to the energy saving trust – a modern, condensing boiler can save you up to £350 your yearly gas bill. Investing in better quality now will pay off later as you start to see your energy bills decrease.

The table below shows approximate numbers.

Boilers that come with a guarantee longer than 7 years are always better because you can rest easy that you won’t be put out in the winter months by a surprise boiler breakdown.

Different installers give different guarantees on the same boiler

Note that it’s not just the brand or type of boiler that determines the length of your guarantee. It also depends on the service your installer is offering.

Leading manufacturers like Worcester Bosch and Valliant often vet installers with different grades, those grades, in turn, affect how long your installation company can guarantee your boiler for. For example, top level Diamond members of the WAI(Worcester Accredited Installers) scheme can give the longest guarantee on their boilers, 8-10 years depending on the type of boiler. A diamond rated company like WPJ Heating are trusted by Worcester Bosch to do an exceptional job with their products.

All these different factors will influence the final price of your boiler. It would depend on your needs and circumstances, but our recommendation is that you always choose quality over price, because it will cost you less in the long run. If you have any questions regarding your boiler, our customer service agents are here to help.

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