3 New Year’s Resolutions you can keep…

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Resolutions can be kept! Here are three we think you should stick to in 2018…

Happy New Year!

People have been making new year’s resolutions since the Romans. People have also been failing to keep new year’s resolutions since the Romans. With that in mind, here’s three resolutions we think you can definitely keep in 2018.

Resolutions: Drink more water.

It’s a standard promise you make to yourself every year, but it’s definitely worth it. Drinking more water can help you have more energy and boost your metabolism. To get it done, set a goal of how much water you want to drink throughout the day and then check at the end of each day that you’ve actually done it.

Plan your water consumption in the same way you plan your meals. Sometimes, we mistake thirst for hunger, which means that if you plan to drink more water throughout the day, you’ll also snack less. Source: CNN Health.

Simply carrying a refillable water bottle with you will remind you to drink more throughout the day. Plus you’ll actually drink it, because most of us wouldn’t want to carry a full bottle of water to work just to carry it back home at the end of the day.

Resolutions: Get creative with your veggies

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is the hallmark of a healthy lifestyle. Being conscious about what you eat is just as important, if not more important than that gym membership you just signed up for but aren’t going to use. The right fruits and vegetables are generally low in calories, have plenty of fiber and antioxidants to keep diseases and illnesses at bay. To get it done, add a fruit to whatever you have for breakfast. If it’s cereal or oats, slice some bananas to go with and if it’s yogurt, its a perfect opportunity to add berries. Or simply have fruit for breakfast.


Get creative with your vegetables. Do something interesting, like this spicy roasted Bok Choy or try this recipe for sesame and garlic green beans. If you’re trying to encourage yourself to eat more veg, spicing things up can’t hurt.

Resolutions: Commit to saving energy


If not for the planet, then do it for your wallet. It would amaze you how much we waste in energy each year by leaving things in standby mode, or not having a thermostatic valve installed on all the radiators in your home. That dripping tap that’s annoying but bearable could be adding as much as £100 to you water bill each year. To get it done, read this post.

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