One Tree Planted for One Boiler Installed: Trees for Cities Motto

Trees for Cities Motto

If you are looking to make a difference in your community, consider making a significant to our environment by supporting the cause of Trees for Cities. They are a UK-based charity that works on an international scale with the objective of planting trees in urban areas to create greener cities. The organisation has been around since 1993, and so far, they have engaged more than 80,000 volunteers and have planted over a million trees in urban streets, parks, schools, housing estates, hospitals, and woodlands.



A number of UK companies are working to support Trees for Cities. Some of them are plumbing and heating companies that want to do their part in helping the planet. They have partnered with the organisation by planting one tree for every boiler they install. So, by upgrading your boiler or hiring them to install one in your new home, you can also do your part in helping the environment.



Helping you and the environment


Heating and boiler installation companies understand that their industry is highly carbon negative by nature. Likewise, they acknowledge that many boiler manufacturers and the UK government are continuously doing their part in enhancing the energy efficiency of gas boilers. Today, you are likely to find these heating appliances to be up to 70 percent more efficient compared to how they were five decades ago. However, they still have a negative impact on the environment, as they are the second biggest contributor to a home’s carbon footprint.




Boiler service providers have decided to do something about that, and that is by partnering with Trees for Cities. This way, they are able to prove themselves as a sustainable business. They are committed to helping not just you, but also the environment. Climate change may be a bigger issue to tackle, but any effort, no matter the size, such as planting a tree, could potentially make a difference.