Plumbers welcome ErP

The new ErP (energy-related products) rating system has had many manufacturers and consumers fretting lately, but UK plumbers are full of positivity about the new legislation, the latest research from Bristan has revealed.

Of the installers surveyed by Bristan, three quarters (67%1) said they welcomed the ErP, stating that is was vital in order for the UK to hit its 2020 carbon reduction targets.

The plumbers and engineers were asked which word best described their feelings towards the introduction on the new ErP legislation, to which half said they were ‘positive’ about the change and a quarter said they were ‘excited’, whilst only a minority admitted to feeling ‘daunted’ by the prospect.

Half of the respondents went on to state that they were thoroughly prepared for arrival of ErP on the 26th of September, revealing that they had been reading up on the new legislations well in advance.

Peter Manning, Bristan’s technical liaison manager, was pleased with the results, saying: “It is great to see such positivity and enthusiasm around ErP. After all, it constitutes one of the most important pieces of legislation that the industry has seen in a decade; helping to drive out inefficient products and create greater transparency so consumers can make more informed choices when choosing an electrical product.”


Below are the key facts to know about ErP:

  • ErP will see all space and water heaters labelled for energy efficiency, ensuring they meet minimum standards, much like the labels currently used for fridges and freezer.
  • The directive aims to help the EU reduce energy use by 20% and increase its share of renewable energies by 20% by 2020.
  • Low-rated water heating products (e.g. those with a F or G rating) will be banned under the new rules.
  • Manufacturers will be responsible for ensuring their products are compliant, whilst system installers will need to calculate the overall efficiency of the system (boiler, controls, renewables, etc.), which will then be added to the label to complete the installation.
  • The legislation will come into effect on the 26th of September 2015.

If you are considering upgrading your heating system and have any queries about ErP, please contact us on 020 3355 9603 or via our contact form today.

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