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Evohome – Independent Automatic Temperature Control

Evohome is a wireless multi zoning system centered on the evotouch eight zone controller. Evohome allows you to control the occupied areas of your home at a comfortable temperature, with the unused areas remaining at a lower temperature, giving you maximum comfort and maximum energy savings. In fact, you can have totally independent automatic temperature control with Evohome of up to eight heating zones and one hot water.

Thermostat pack: for heating and combi boiler systems
Sundial pack: for heating and stored hot water systems
Zoning pack: for zone control.

Evohome can control your hot water, your wet underfloor heating, and it can control electric underfloor heating and electric panel heaters through the use of after market relays.

With Evohome you can even have as many thermostatic radiator valves as you’d like, gaining control over every room of your house. Use it as a Radiator controller and a temperature sensor for each room. Evohome even has a window switch kit to allow the radiator to automatically shut off if a window is opened.

Easy and Efficient Installation

No need to drain down to zone your property. Evohome can be controlled by a smartphone app. It works with iOS 6 onwards and android 2.2 upwards. You can control up to 4 devices from one app with Evohome and the controllers work together and communicate with each other.

For more information on Evohome give us a call on 020 7350 2511 or book a free survey below. You can also leave your number and we will give you a call.  One of our engineers will pay you a visit and give you an accurate price estimate for your home.


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