Nest – The Intelligent Thermostat & Programmer

New to the market is this exciting 3rd generation wall mounted thermostat and programmer in one that gives you total control over your whole heating and hot water system. You can get rid of the old ‘twice a day’ programmer because this device creates a personal schedule for your home and your habits. It can work out when you go out, and turn the heat down for you, and then turn it up again when you come home.

Precision Control

When you turn down the temperature, Nest will learn how long your house takes to reach your set temperature, and if you set it for 20 degrees at 7am, it will bring the heat up in exactly the time it takes to reach 20 degrees by that time. No need to guess when to switch it on, the Nest will do it all for you giving you a warm house for when you wake up, or when you arrive home.

Remote Control

No need to be there to change the settings. The Nest connects to your Wi-Fi, so you can use the Nest app to control it from your Smartphone, mobile or tablet. Getting home early or stuck in traffic? Just turn it up or down wherever you are. You can log in to www.nest.com/home to adjust your schedule or check the energy stats to see how much heat you used yesterday. It will even give you a monthly report on energy used and suggest possible cost savings for you.

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