Plumbing Glossary C

Now it’s time for some C-words – of the plumbing variety!

Read on for a glossary covering all of the industry terms you’re likely to hear your plumber use.

Carbonising – in a pump, where a reduction of hydrocarbons results in the formation of carbon residue that will interfere with the movement of a mechanical seal – often called coking

Cartridge – typically refers to a valve cartridge – it is a single-piece unit that replaces the use of separate seats, stems and seals for water flow

Casing – a tubular structure intended to be watertight – it is installed in the drilled hole to maintain the well opening and prevent ground water from entering

Catch basin – large underground container with a grate on top for collection of storm water – it catches debris and prevent steams and lakes being contaminated

Cathode – a negatively charged electrode

Cation – a positively charged ion in an electrolyte solution, which is attracted to the cathode by a difference in electrical potential

Cavitation – the vacuum created when the discharge of the pump exceeds the replacement in the suction line

Chain wrench – an adjustable wrench, in which a chain is used for gripping

Chamfer – bevelled end

Check stop – shut-off valve used with tub/shower faucet that is activated by turning a slotted stem with a screwdriver – also known as a screwdriver stop or a service stop

Check valve – a type of back flow preventer installed in a pipe that allows water to flow in one direction

Circuit vent – plumbing drainage system vertical vent, which is run from the last two traps on a horizontal drain line to the main vent stack of a building drainage system

Cistern – rainwater storage tank, often underground

Clevis – a U-shaped piece of metal with holes in the ends, through which a pin is run to attached to pipes

Closed system – a system where the incoming cold water supply has a device that will not allow water to expand when heated

Conduit – tube that houses electrical wiring

Cowl – a short fitting used to join two pieces of pipe

Crocus cloth – finer than sandpaper grit on a cloth backing

Cross-connection – any connection that may allow wastewater to enter the supply system

Crown-vented trap – an air admittance valve attached to a drainpipe, protected by a valve, designed to equalise pressure in the drain line and to protect the trap seal

Crows foot – a PVC tee with twin outlets at right angles off the main

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