Plumbing glossary: J

With the latest instalment of our plumbing glossary, you’ll know that your plumber isn’t actually throwing the towel in when they tell you they’re going to get their jacket!

Get ready for some plumbing J-words.

J bend – the trap section with a 180-degree bend or a multi-piece P-trap – also called a return bend

J hook – a pipe hanger in the shape of a ‘J’

Jacket – usually refers to the heating or cooling outer casing, which surrounds the stuffing box on some pumps

Jet – a feature of a toilet that is designed to direct water into the trapway quickly to start the siphon action

Jetport – hydro-jet dip tube, which creates turbulence in the tank

Johnni-bolts – closet bolts, used to mount toilet bowls to the closet flange

Joint – one length of pipe

Joint runner – collar-like device that keeps molten lead in place while sealing a joint in a cast iron pipe

JTU – Jackson Turbidity Unit – a quantitative unit of turbidity, originally based on the comparison of a liquid (such as water) with a suspension of a specific type of silica

Junction box – utility area where incoming current is connected in an electrical appliance

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