Plumbing glossary: N

It’s never too late to put some new words in your vocabulary. Use our plumbing glossary to learn the essentials today.

NOM – nominal – usually refers to the inside diameter of trade sizes of copper pipe

Natural gas – a colourless, odourless fuel (primarily consisting of methane) derived from the Earth – odours are added to aid in leak detection

Neo angle base – a shower base designed to allow a shower to be fitted in to a corner using minimal floor space

Negative pressure – less than atmospheric pressure

Nipple – a short length of pipe installed between couplings or other fittings

Nipple extractor – a tool used to unscrew sections of piping

No-hub connector – a connector for no-hub iron pipes consisting of a rubber sleeve and a stainless steel band secured by hose clamps

Non-ferrous – does not contain iron

Non-potable – unsuitable for drinking

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